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  1. I saw Edge walk off the stage the first show of the U2IE tour. Just working out the kinks imo. Looking forward to the U2JT30 experience!!!2
  2. I have an unopened VIP U2ieTour gift from the Vancouver 1 show that I want to give to the person who has or can find me qty 2 MSG8 face value, legit, GA tickets. The gift includes guitar pics, U2ieTour commemorative ticket, stage decking, album and touring history, past tour replica posters, tickets and set lists. Each gift has a Certificate of Authenticity. I will be traveling to NYC and can bring the gift with me or I can ship it to you...free delivery either way!!! PM me for more pics (the box on the right is the unopened gift)....THANK YOU!!!
  3. There is enough space to get a great view of the band while they perform their set there...not rail views but better than hangin in the RZ...review ddarrochs posts for great suggestions. Also use night one to work out the kinks for night two...hope this helps!
  4. We got to the RZ line around 5:30...maybe 20 people in line at that time...more came after to line up. Get there earlier if you want better floor options to choose from. I checked in with the friendly people at the RZ gate the night before and they were helpful about when the line started to form. Doors did not open until 6:30ish. I think GA was coming in a bit earlier...they were at a different gate on the other side of the arena. Also the location of the RZ access was a trek for RZ1. I agree with ddaroch suggestions as well...
  5. We were respectful of those who positioned themselves up front at the e-stage...we got pretty close...and much closer than if we would have stayed in RZ. Not many people moved around...especially those along the rail. We did not get to see much of the screen the first night so I wanted the flexibility to have a good, not great spot, for the main stage, to be able to see the screen/catwalk and to be able to go to the e-stage. I was very happy with that result...
  6. We had seats for Van1 and RZ1 for Van2...We were able to leave the RZ to GA and return to RZ when we wanted. It was helpful to have seats for Van1...on RZ1 Van2 we were able to put ourselves in a good position of the e-stage prior to them doing a set of songs there...hope this helps
  7. Thanks U2 Mods helping us sift through the murk and mire of the presale...you held your composure and gave us the best information that you had at the time to make choices in getting the best tickets possible. I appreciate your commitment and "cool under fire" behavior. Let's all have a great time at the shows...no matter what seat we have! See you at the show...
  8. no problem on TM website for Vancouver show...less than 5 minutes...would have been quicker if my hands were not shaking so much during the order!
  9. Nite nite from the Pacific Northwest, USA...just got the code!!! see you at the show!!!
  10. No code yet but, "shweaty balls" are on SNL/NBC Christmas Special...
  11. SiriusXM noted that there is a U2 commercial in the makes for the new album coming out...rumor or real?
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