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  1. It did nothing to stop the touts, they still snapped up all of the GA's and cheap lowers, leaving casual fans expensive uppers (which arent selling)
  2. Bullshit system. Paid fan club member since Propaganda days. Got the code retraction email. Submitted my details to mods and the message hasnt even been read yet
  3. Face value & fees from TicketMaster was 3,025 MXN =166.974USD I would sell for $150 each USD
  4. I have 4 tickets available for 10/3 and 2 available for 10/4. I get in to Mexico City on the evening of 10/2 and can meet up then or the following day. FACE VALUE PM me here [MOD EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION LIKE PHONE NUMBERS OR EMAIL ADDRESSES. Use only PMs. Thanks]
  5. T4F confirmed that International customers can pick up the day prior to the show or the day of the show If you have chosen to pick up your tickets at the official box office or pick up points, you can do that when you arrive at São Paulo: Withdrawal until one day before the event: click here and know the withdrawal points Withdrawal on the day of the event: Estádio do Morumbi, Praça Gomes Pedrosa, from 10am to the start of the shows on 19, 21, 22 and 25th October. Attention: Arrive early and enjoy the show to the fullest. Please note that to make the tickets’ withdrawal is mandatory the presentation of the purchase card and ID
  6. Ive been in contact with them and they are telling me that it's only early pickup (I also offered to pay a fee to mail them, sice flying to Brazil for anpother $1500 isnt in my budget). They say it was in their T&C, but all it said was box office collection when the tickets were purchased - nothing about specific days only. It is absurd to require international clients to fly to Brazil another time just to collect tickets. It certainly wasnt the case for 360. Here is their latest reply: We appreciate your contact. We hereby declare that the Withdrawal of tickets for the U2 event will start on 07/16/2017 until 10/12/2017. Please be advised that it is not possible to change the "Delivery Form" of your tickets after the end of the purchase. Because selection is only available in the purchase step by step through the website and before payment confirmation. The customer must make sure that all options have been chosen correctly before accepting the "terms and conditions of purchase" and finalizing their purchase. Please note that this information is contained in the confirmation email and "our terms and conditions of purchase" where your acceptance was required prior to the completion of your purchase on the Tickets for Fun website. We always recommend that withdrawal be made in advance. The official box office of this event, for withdrawal of tickets until 12/10, is at Citibank Hall SP, Av. Das Nações Unidas, 17955, Santo Amaro, São Paulo, from Sat to 12 noon to 8 pm, Sun and holidays from 1 pm to 20h00, Monday closed. We also emphasize that only the holder or person authorized in the register of the purchase can carry out the withdrawal, upon presentation of the original card used in the purchase and the original identity documen
  7. I just received an email from Tickets4Fun stating that tickets to the Sao Paulo dates must be collected in person in Sao Pauo from July 16th until October 12th ONLY. There will be no considerations made for non-local clients that cant travel to Brazil prior to the show. Can you please see if they will reconsider the will call pick up times for fans that are traveling to the show from around the world? Personally, I'm coming the day prior to the show. Id imagine that there are hundreds, if not thousands in the same situation. T4F told me that day of event collection would not be allowed. This was not disclosed at purchase time. Agradecemos o seu contato. Esclarecemos que a Retirada dos ingressos para o evento U2 terá início no dia 16/07/2017 até 12/10/2017.
  8. lol no its not. Red Zone you can walk in 5 min before the show and be a few people off the rail
  9. Cant check out for Mexico City - seats carted but keeps timing out
  10. I see that on the U2.com page, but when you click through the link on the Ticketsforfun page, they are announcing the additional shows http://premier.ticketsforfun.com.br/shows/show.aspx?sh=U2UMB
  11. Hi Max- The event page for Sao Paulo shows 3 dates. Will all 3 dates be going onsale at the presale window today? ESTÁDIO DO MORUMBI SÃO PAULO 19, 21 E 22/10/2017
  12. Max & Bigwave, will there be a special link to buy Red Zone tickets for the Brazil show for non-Brazil residents? There was for 360. Otherwise you need a unique government ID number to buy tickets. Thanks.
  13. 48 years old. About 100x in concert, plus another 5-6 times when they only played 2-3 songs (David Letterman, Super Bowl etc)
  14. There are some on Vivid Seats, but they are pretty expensive mod edit - no direct links to 3rd party ticket sales above face value please. Discussing these companies is ok, but direct links not allowed for obvious reason. thanks.
  15. With the buyers photocopied Id you can go right in like you purchased it. Without it, you'll still get in, but after waiting for everyone who has the proper id. TM resale, you should get in right away as TM already identifies you as the verified buyer
  16. I'm here now. They are letting you in as long as you have a photocopy of the buyers drivers license. Emma said she would accommodate buyers without the ID, but not until close til showtime, since they had all of the wristbands etc bundled and couldn't give away package to the wrong person
  17. I agree with you. I do know that it happened at Lady GaGa in NYC where people bought tix with VIP stage access and they made them go to regular ga if the buyer wasn't present
  18. The law doesn't necessarily apply to the RZ tickets, since the tickets will still grant you admission to the show (regular ga) The extra VIP portion of the package (wristbands for the RZ area) are not considered tickets, but package elements and not subject to NY law That being said, I'm sure MSG doesn't want 100s of pissed off patrons every night
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