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  1. No tickets for me...and i kept my expierence code (i'm a paid subscriber from many years) waiting just for Dublin dates. I'll miss an U2's tour for the first time! Sigh!
  2. I'm glad you did it. But me, i'm out! I was unable to get my tickets. In my view, i've suffered a grave injustice. It's very hard to overcome this disappointment (with an unused experience code i felt almost sure to fly to Dublin...just an illusion).
  3. I fully understand how you're feeling: i'm in the same bitter, sad, frustrating situation.I kept my expierence code (i'm a paid subscriber from many years) waiting just for Dublin dates, because it was my only dream for this tour. Now, it's going to be my first U2's tour (from Zootv) which i'll not be able to attend.
  4. From ticketmaster have had no reply yet. I contacted 3arena and they said me that : "As per email just hand in your tickets upon entry, if security did ask for your card then give it to them. If it has your signature that is fine".
  5. If I enter the code, for example, for the date of 28, and do not buy anything because GA are no longer available , I can go out and re-enter the code for another date?
  6. So, a lot of people, after using unjustly their code several times in the last presale, can now also participate in the pre-sale of Dublin. What a shame!
  7. Thanks, now i'm waiting for a reply from costumer service. I hope to be able to use my card.
  8. My debit card have not the name impressed, only signature. Could be a problem at the moment to enter at the venue?
  9. Hi, i'm looking for a GA to any of the two dates. Thanks.
  10. silver and gold and unchained melody as a cover
  11. From Italy i'll celebrate your Thanksgiving watching NFL football matches!
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