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  1. 29/7 and 30/7 are sold . There a few seats available not seated next to each other.
  2. I got tickets al ready for myself but not for my friends.. I can swap easily to 30/.7.. So looking for 3 GA tickets for any date in Amsterdam..
  3. I am looking for 3 GA tickets voor 29 of 30/7 Amsterdam Arena please e-mail me at mod edit - no emails please use PM We will pay a reasonable price !
  4. It took me a hour to get tickets last week. And got also two later on that day. In nederlands Bedenk dat je de kaarten 18 minuten kan vasthouden. Mensen kiezen dus kaarten. Denken erover of wat dan ook. Beslissen dat ze andere willen en zoeken opnieuw Dus komen ze vrij. Het kán dus even duren. Staanplaatsen gaan relatief snel.
  5. Ofcourse. I know. Used my code. But I was just wondering. Sometimes you get a new code. If not it is oke
  6. Took al look at the ticketmaster site and it said that there is a pre sale at jan 18 ;-)
  7. I know and we will try but know by experience how hard that will be
  8. It takes time. Took me 2 hours for ga amsterdam
  9. Title says enough . Who can help me ? Got 4 tickets but we are with big group and the others did not succeed
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