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  1. Hopefully out towards the end of the year according to Adam interview at St Patricks the other day, polishing up songs they thought were finished but were not. ...would love that, but I don't see why the rush or clambering to push for release - great things can't be hurried!
  2. Good cause...heard him being interviewed on 98FM re 'walk in my shoes' - true gent as ever.
  3. Brilliant...quite literally a work of art!
  4. Its not about chart positions and selling as much as possible - they have got to the point where that dosn't matter. Like Larry said, they are making music for themselves now, and getting more out of it. A low entry in the chart is not announcing the downfall of U2, they just have other priorities - although I personally did prefer the hard copy releases ofpast years as opposed to only downloading.
  5. nikb wrote: I hear the band have been rehearsing in Dublin. The new songs are taking a lot of working and things are getting heated between the band members. I hear Mr Bono stormed off last Thursday in a huff. Source? Passionate, voiltile - all traits of a great artist which I am sure all of U2 are prone of now and again. But I'd like to see-hear-read the proof the above actually happened.
  6. He has always struck me as the feet-on-the-ground-talking-sense one - the underated genius. Talking of which his bass playing on NLONTH has been taken to a new level in my opinion, the under current driving force throughout the album.
  7. Treasure (Whatever Happened to Pete The Chop) Like A Song Night & Day Boomerang II Exit
  8. Great thread! Boy - Into the Heart October - Stranger In A Strange Land War - Two Hearts Beat As One The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire The Joshua Tree - Red Hill Mining Town Rattle and Hum - Heartland Achtung Baby - Zoo Station Zooropa - Lemon Pop - Do You Need Love All That You Can't Leave Behind - New York How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - Miracle Drug No Line On The Horizon - Unknown Caller Phew, that was tough!
  9. miss major crisis wrote: For years and years I listened to this album. I simply love it. I have to agree Miss MC! Brian and Danny's first work with U2...who could have thought at the time it was the start of such an incredible relationship with U2, culminating 25 yearslater with NLOTH!
  10. ...I may be wrong, but I think this was around the time of Passengers (mid 90's) and taken by the legend that is Anton C!
  11. Happy Paddy's Day OcLemon, Opeth & All!
  12. Personally I don't think the two can be compared - both at different points of their career with different points to make...I guess it comes down topersonal preference. Blood Red Sky was for me a live phenomenom...a live album AND video, maybe not the first ever but the first that captured my imagination at that particulartime...almost postponed because of the torrential rain, the 'boy' imagry in the backdrop and the haunting 'Harry's Game' prior to comingout on stage...the white flag during Sunday Bloody Sunday, the crowd shorus during "40"... Rattle & Hum, their conquering of Americ
  13. Depeche Mode for me - whilst not quite hitting the successful heights of decades ago, there is still something in David Gahan's vocals that sends a shiverdown the spine. As for bands I wish were still going strong: The Alarm
  14. I watched it, not sure what to expect...but ended up captivated. Really impressive imagery, flowed with the music and it gives the songs another dimension somehow in a way I can't quite explain or put my finger on...
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