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  1. As a fan I will travel I'm in Cornwall so all are far away
  2. Pre ordered new album 2/11 still not arrived I have this every time I order from u2 shop I think next time I'll go to record shop to buy
  3. Pre ordered new album 2/11 still not arrived I have this every time I order from u2 shop I think next time I'll go to record shop to buy
  4. Dear Bono Larry Adam and Edge i feel I need to write this to you as a long time U2 fan .I as there when you first started I was at the pub in Camden London all those years ago I fell in love with you then and have been a life long fan since been to over 200 concerts brought all the t-shirts and other bits that go with each tour and last week my dreams came true when I won a ticket to abbey road to see you (which was a great night ) But that joy has since gone as I see fellow fans heart broken as they haven't been able to get tickets in the presales some fans didn't even get codes now I know that there are scalpers out there and there will always be but DO you really have to stop real fans from getting tickets to see you if you really want fans only to get tickets then you need to talk to us and ask us what the best way forward is 1 way would be to give each member of the fan club a ticket when they renew their memberships I know people want to go with family and friends but at least genuine fans would have a ticket (this ticket could be instead of the long awaited gift). Another way to Stop scalpers is to Stop giving out freebe tickets to big company's who then sell on this tickets But the biggest way would be to do like you did on the zoo tour make this tickets cheap so they have on value to the scalpers I mean it's not as if you need the money nowadays I'm sure I've spent over the last 40 years of following you enough money to have paid for some of your great live style you thanks us for on tour. Well mybe you can think about giving back to your real fans stop using ticketmaster. Who tell fans that there are no tickets but have them on their partner sites at double the price .You have asked me (fans) in the past to boycott Esso stand up to selafeild to were a face mask to show support for (you know who) join one end poverty and AIDS which we have all done because we believe in you and agree with you fights Well this time we need you to believe in us fans listen to your fans read some of the posts on this site take action on your fans behalf. Sort this out please to all who read this copy it post it on tweeter email it lets get our band and their management to see this and fight for us fans
  5. True you also know that the person in front or behind you was going through the same panic but you had I thing in common your were fans and you helped each other saved each other s place if you had to use the loo real friendships developed and when gates opened you looked out for each other concerts too had fans attending not like now days where it's seen to be cool to be at the hottest concert with no interest in listening to the band but to talk all the way through ( this happened to me at twickenham 2 guys who talked all the way through and spoit it for about 5 people in the rows behind ) this action stops real fans again getting tickets corporate tickets too never used to be concert goers where there because they wanted to be to sing Thier hearts out to scream at their favourite band member and enjoy the atmosphere of real fans doing the same i know things have to move forward but I still think that somebody needs to ask real fans the best way forward so real fans get the tickets that they want and the seats they want I'm sure we the real fans of u2 could come up with a better way to guarantee that loyal fans don't miss out
  6. Now I might be the odd one out here but what happened to the good old days of calling up to get your tickets you could only purchase 4 at a time and often you would be at the phone pressing the redial button and eventually you'd get through and get your tickets if you wanted more you had to redial and go through the whole process again hitting the redial and trying so I'm sure that helped to stop people getting more than they needed and it seemed there was never as many scalper outside trying to sell tickets (or am I just so old that I'm seeing this in rose coloured glasses) now It's all done on the computer and you have to prove your not a bot but this system allowed scalpers to get get tickets and stop real fans getting them as the scalpels would have lots of computers booking tickets before real fans could even select your seat it would be sold out bring back the old way it might be slow but you stand a fairer chance to get tickets all this having to prove I'm a fan (I've been fan since I was 15 and I'm in my 50s now) is just causing stress before the real stress of trying to get a ticket I say this but yet again I've fallen for the having to renew and pre ordered the new album come on u2 read some of your real fans comments and talk to fans about how tickets should be sold we all know how to stop scalpers unlike live nation and ticketmaster and other sights that sell tickets I'm seriously getting to old for this stress see hopefully if I get my tickets on the new tour ive yet to miss a tour since the war tour!
  7. I I'd manage to log on to my account and renew but found I had to create a ticketmaster USA account to proceed to the point that it turned green and I became verified as a fan i to live in the uk but I thought it was better to follow what the site said rather than miss out my only concern is where I live I don't get a mobile reception so when the pre sale codes start to be sent out I might miss my window to take part I'd still prefer an email with the pre sale codes is this something the mods can look into
  8. If that happens I can die happy album ever
  9. Yes drove up from Cornwall on Friday don't worry I was singing very loud it's just ashame that those seats didn't have fans that wanted to be there in looking forward tonight's gig then off to Dublin in 2 weeks have a great concert everyone
  10. Had a great night last night apart from the 2 guys who were in the seat in front who talked the entirre way through the the concert so was disappointed as all I could hear was their conversation did ask them to have consideration but their response was that I should have got a ga ticket my seats we're through the fan club pre sale redhill group so had no choice as to where I want to sit (I wanted a seat) why do people get tickets and deny real fans a seat and not watch a great band lets hope me seat tonight is in with real fans who will be singing along not talking
  11. I'm on my own always as nobody I know likes u2 I will becoming on the Saturday leaving Sunday I have a silver seat ticket also have hotel booked with breakfast for 2 willing to offer floor space for 1 person
  12. My collectors tickets turned up last week after calling ticket master every week for 2 months dublin ticket was sent in February but had received I was told this today after calling ticketmaster ie they sent me email and I've printed my ticket only proble is that I had paid for a collectors one but at least I've got a ticket I'd call them and keep calling until you get your ticket
  13. Ticket update rang ticketmaster who said ticket was sent out in February so Ive printed at home a ticket and put a block on the original one only thing is I've paid for a collectors one which I won't get but al least I've got a ticket
  14. Hi I'm in Cornwall and I to haven't received my ticket for dublin i have rung ticketmaster ie and they told me that they haven't printed them as yet (it's a collectors ticket) I'm getting worried as I'v seen other people's tickets I rung them on Friday will try agin Monday
  15. Hi have people got their Dublin tickets yet I'm still waiting for mine . Have rung ticketmaster ie and they told me that they haven't been printed yet ( it's a collectors ticket. Silver seat ) Im getting panicked now as its only 4 weeks away
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