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  1. of course the band have soundtracked my life and yes i can relate to many lyrics and they have ignited my interest in religion but honestly? the question isridiculous
  2. seriously - that bad, u2 letting themselves down with a very ill informed choice here. clearly they dont have anyone around them to tell them which isdissapointing. the tune doesnt fit the remix and bono looks like an embbarsing uncle trying to keep'with it' - certinaly not what i expected from barcaand the milan you tube clips are just as bad. unbelievable really - i was one of the 'can do no wrong' hard core fan crowd but this ones a realshocker. and as for how sunday bloody sunday fits into this set - that is completley beyong me too - it just DOES NOT FIT!! some bad decisions here that i h
  3. i was in barca for first night - to me it sounded terrible and was verging on the embarrasing. if they wanna disco it up suggest they take a cut from POP andmix it up a bit. i also hate this trend of playing the same song twice at a show (albeit in remix form) would much rather have another cut.
  4. From someone who say the show twice in the UK, this was the worst U2 i have seen going back toi Unforgettable Fire - sorry. (i could go on - iffy album, lackof cohesiveness, setlists etc)> anyway you seem to be missing the point - im not slamming the tour at all, merely raising some questions that need to beasked. since i have paid 150 + flights and hotel to barca im truly hoping it will be awesome and that my money wont pay for looking at the bands backsides for2 hours.
  5. fascinating tech speak but sod all to with the average fans experince me thinks. still bring on the big event - cant wait to see how the whole audience isengaged via the revolving video screen and if the light show makes up for the lack of backdrop etc.
  6. and by that i mean - visability problems due to the claws, no screen backdrop to bring the lighshow to life and too many people - bono trying to please allsides of the stadium as opposed to playing to the front. add to this the moneyed set who will be jangling their jewelry in the 'auctioned red zone'reas ( a terrible idea albeit for a worthy cause) and lots of fans paying 150 quid for what could be a very side on view - i have my concerns. of course iwould be happy to be proved wrong but slow ticket sales in the uk (wembley, cardiff and sheffield have yet to sell out) suggest that the other p
  7. anyone had a first dance to u2? I didnt (considered 'slow dancing' but didnt quite work) but but we did use the elevation heart in a suitcase symbolon the order of service with the lyrics 'eyes in a room of blindness, a river in a time of dryness, a harbour in the tempest' underneath - as per thetattoo thread below - this would make a great tatt!
  8. would both make great tattoos - both of these logos featured discreetly on my wedding order of service
  9. he already has one - hes called The Edge, this aint simple minds yknow....
  10. I would like a decent suprise setlist for the 360 with some of the following Trying to throw your arms (yes its cheesy but very euphoric live and a decent substiture for mlk/running to stand Original of the species Unforgettable Fire Gloria God Pt 2 Homecoming Electrical Storm Walk on (largely absent from the last tour but a great closer - can Bono still sing it?)
  11. drop everything from HTDAB bar original of the species (their best song of the last 10 years for my money), yahweh and vertigo drop running to stand/MLK and replace with 'trying to throw your arms around the world' Bring back Gloria yes, Forget about celebration/party girl etc - they will sound terribly dated Bono cant sing Unforgettable fire live - sorry its a fact - very little chance of this being in the set! the two that will have me really running to the bar to top up tho will be Sometimes you Cant and Bullet + any illa dvised covers from the likes of thebeatles/Monkeys/Neil Diamo
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