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  1. Being a Northern Ireland fan is one hell of a roller-coaster ride but I wouldn't change a single thing. The team and the fans have done everyone proud and my thoughts are with the families of the two we lost along the way, R.I.P. P.s it looks like we'll have to settle with winning the World Cup in Russia (as long as nobody puts out Will Grigg) #GAWA Now I'll be cheering on the Republic #COYBIG

    1. Malahide


      What caused the death of those two fans? Road accidents?

    2. ELMARTO


      One fell over a railing down onto a promenade and the other suffered heart failure in the stands during our match against Ukraine.

    3. Anjana


      Oh no that's so sad:/

  2. To whom it may concern: Both the North and South of Ireland will be closed over the weekend due to the football please stay tuned for probable ongoing closures GAWA COYBIG

  3. I know I haven't got it yet but the new subscription gift looks AMAZING!! Just wanted to say thanks in advance to everyone involved.

  4. Happy New Year everyone Don't just want change Be the change!
  5. Hey I'm heading up from Bangor shortly I'm gonna try McHughs
  6. All set for Belfast 2 tonight. Maybe I should've gotten Gary a ticket :)

  7. Is the whiteout planned for both nights or just tonight?
  8. Together against terror

    1. Anjana


      I second that x

    2. stanley14
    3. Alma1


      Yes. Here's to peace.

  9. Terrorists aren't part of any group of society
  10. Stay safeShould have said 'coming home to Belgium' ... thanks for the concern, we're safe and sound in our own beds now! No problem Glad to hear you're ok
  11. This is sickening Thoughts and prayers with all those affected.
  12. Let's all stand together on this One Voice One Love
  13. This is awful There is too much of this rubbish in the world we all need to band together and get rid of these scumbags.
  14. I only got my Belfast tickets on Thursday. I'm sure you will get yours shortly
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