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  1. 100% agree but it's been this way for many years with U2. They are not alone of course as many other artists do the same or worse but they have priced out many of their fans as a result. That's also why for many of us GA is the only option from an economical standpoint.
  2. They are either all gone (unlikely) or being held back for the public onsale IMO.
  3. Can anyone who participated in the presale yesterday confirm that the inventory changed throughout the day (ie GA was gone and came back)? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi again Big Wave! Any chance more inventory comes out for the Innocence sale or are all of us GA folks just out of luck this go around?
  5. Question for Big Wave! If we don't use the code that we were given for today's Innocence presale and additional dates are added, can we use these same codes for that sale or do we need to go through the verified lottery again and hope to get new codes. Apologies if this has been asked already. Too many threads to sort through at this point. Thanks!
  6. I have 2 regular GA's that i would trade for 1 red zone of anyone is interested...thanks
  7. Hi All. I have an extra GA for tomorrow night. I plan to go in to the venue at around 6pm. Please PM if you want it and we can discuss logistics. Thanks, Dave
  8. Hi All. I have an extra GA for tomorrow night as well. I plan to go in to the venue at around 6pm. Please PM if you want it. Thanks, Dave
  9. I am in the same situation as some here. Member since the early Propaganda days (25+years) and my membership lapsed as I was not notified of the renewal. Please provide the correct phone number to resolve this. Many thanks.
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