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  1. I have been trying to renew my subscription for several weeks now. Trying with several browsers, computers, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android... and tried with both Paypal and credit card. Even yesterday I tried again with Paypal and no success. But seeing your comment this morning I retried it with credit card... and this time it worked. A button saying "Place Order" appeared this time. And my subscription is renewed. Thanks for your support, specially to mich40.
  2. Just did. And rebooted my Mac. It doesn't mater what I do, I just can't finalize my transaction. I have tried several computers, different OSs and browsers. Also tried Paypal and credit card for payment. It must be something on the store's end. ...
  3. I have tried all browsers... I think. I have tried: with MacOX - Safari, Chrome, Firefox; with Windows - Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome; iOS/iPad - Chrome and Safari; iOS/iPhone - Safari. I get to the final page, where there is no button to confirm the transaction...
  4. I have been trying to renew my U2. com subscription with no success. I use the subscribe.u2.com pages and end up in a checkout page (https://subscribe.u2.com/checkout/) where there is NO confirmation button. All information is correct, I choose Payapl as paying method... but still can't pass after this order summary page. I have already made at least 3 tentatives to contact customer support using https://www.u2.com/help, with no reply back. I hope to have a reply this way. Best regards Roberto
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