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  1. Alright, here goes....with lights on and no candle:
  2. Alright, here goes.....with lights on and no candle: http://i1200.photobucket....U2freak1/Pumpkins007.jpg
  3. Tampa WAS HOTT!!! And I live in Lakeland which is just 30 min away so I know what Florida heat & humidity is like, but damnit it was HOTT!!!! I'm so glad I was GA in Atlanta, but not in Tampa. I couldn't imagine being down there in the circle with that heat. As for the energy throughout the crowd, it was tremendous! Wow....72,000 + were fired up for U2 and that only made what was already a fantastic concert that much better! The only downside for me, I don't know exactly when I'll get to see U2 again.
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