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  1. Excuse me U2, your hypocrisy and greed is showing. You choose to play in India JUST when the Modi government has Kashmir in lockdown, violating human rights and people have no idea what is happening to their loved ones. Is this why you chose to play TJT there? Mothers of the Disappeared and Bullet the Blue Sky and the criticism you felt for American in 1987 can easily be applied to the current Indian govt. I know you're there for the fans - but honestly this is so contrary to all that U2 has stood for (or so I was given to believe for decades), that I can't believe it's come to this. Your music has carried me for over 3 decades - when one hurts looking at the world outside... and yet it is you who hurt us now. To protect one from hurting over and over again, one has to go "dead inside" - one feels so helpless looking at corporate greed and govt. manipulation throughout the world, through modern tech platforms, like FB and then there were the words of U2 - that had warned you... and yet, here you are joining the foray. All I see is greed. During the Vertigo tour someone had accused U2 of choosing money over love (quoting Desire) -it's only become more obvious now. I'm sorry to see my heroes fail, again.
  2. Any idea when the U2 i+e live LP and CDs will be sent out. I know they said Spring 2019 but we're nearly there. Anyway got any news?
  3. No skips... "Shadows and Tall Trees instead!!!
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