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  1. Well ain't this lovely - I got the same message!
  2. We'll have the whole thing downloaded before we actually get the thing!
  3. Bono and Edge actually wrote "She's a Mystery to Me" for ME!!
  4. Wow. It actually seems like it was longer, to me, because my life took a crazy turn and time kinda dragged.... I watched it online with surround sound going. :-)
  5. I hope you guys do get U2 to Boston again. You just gotta share! LOL! I saw their Boston shows Dec. 4 and 5, 2005. Awesome shows, especially "She's a Mystery To Me" on Dec. 5... ;-)
  6. I know today! They surprised me with my presale group ghetting in today. The code did work. So give that a try! Good luck.
  7. Call now...they were very helpful yesterday when the Nashville show was announced. The lasdy gave me a code after checking my account, and then she emailed it to me. It's still not showing on my U2.com account page, but it should still work. I'll know tomorrow.
  8. Oh no no no! They're coming the right way! We in nashville have waited 29 years for this! Y'all Boston peeps gonna havta SHARE!! LOL!!!
  9. I have no code. I renewed March 2010. Aren't we supposed to get new codes when we renew? Thanks!
  10. I have no code. I renewed March 2010. Menbership good until March 2011. Aren't we supposed to get new codes when we renew? Thanks!
  11. Baja, just now seeing this. You've been doing a GREAT job here. I hope you're OK. Best wishes to you, and I hope you'll be back when you're ready! Meantime, we'll miss ya!
  12. Who's this, Lady Gaga!? oh and @ the Peanuts cartoon!!
  13. [quote name='surrenders wrote: barbara1 wrote: surrenders wrote: 123love']lmao That's my son you took the words right outta my mouth..... and you did give me some hope saying he outgrew his rebeliousness at 17! mine is turning 16 next month.... salvation is near, maybe?? Yes salvation is near Barbara, except for the falling off the butt pants, that hasn't gone away yet...LOL Honestly, the past 4 years have been a little hell in themselves. I feel like we can BREATHE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl_HvEHSlxQ Sorry, couldn't resist!
  14. Hello again, Bono... I've read the update...I am glad the surgery was successfull. Now, please take your time and follow the doctor's orders regarding your physical therapy and recovery. Yes, we all want you to "get well soon" but don't rush it, please!! And, you're worried about disappointing us??? I, for one, would be more disappointed if you were hurt and disabled permanently...wouldn't wish that on anyone! So please just take care of yourself and let your family "baby" you!Your recovery is on my prayer list. The tickets I have for Chicago and Philadelphia will remain where they are until I can use them, but, no rush! ~Sheila Hansen~ Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  15. Bono(non)lover, I don't give a rodent's rump whether or not you like Bono/U2. Your opinion has no effect on my life. But postiung a nasty message on a get-well thread was rude and low-class. At least on THIS thread, you're a little more on-topic. Now, I challenge you to come up with a whole bunch of POSITIVE things to say. I don't care what the subject matter is. Just wondering if you can even out all the negativity you've been spewing. Enjoy your Oasis.
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