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  1. Waiting 8 month.......LOL.....I think the next gift will be postet here before this one is shipped....
  2. I think its time for an official statement. We want it now......U2...whats up with you? We spend our hard earned money for giving you a great life. I think many of us have paid to a membership only to get a presale code...for what? NOTHING
  3. We wait for an album since 2009 (soa) Then they told us that they have 3 Albums in the Pipeline... And now?
  4. I think this could be, if it is true, very hard for U2. Many Fans in the world are so dissapointed. They could turn their back of U2
  5. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/5930147/no-u2-album-tour-until-2015-ryan-tedder-paul-epworth?utm_source=twitter
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