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  1. Selecting a city was required for the Citi presale for the 16th. I could only select one city, LA, so if I want a chance for Vegas, I think I need to basically re-register through Citi's process.
  2. Hey everyone, as we are all recovering from JT 2017 and getting ready for SoE, I wanted to share a Spotify playlist of mellow(er) U2 songs I created for those cool Fall days (whenever they happen to come to So Cal anyway). Enjoy! Jason https://open.spotify.com/embed/user/jdibelka/playlist/3VS5M9s9ocJeZbYb9UKN4N
  3. Any after concert meetups in Old Town by the trolley? Preferably seedy Irish bars with a barkeep named Molly?! Haha Leqving Irvine now. Hope to get there before 7!
  4. Just go to the Red Zone will call and they should be able to print your GA too. We had this scenario for Rose Bowl and first went to ticket resolution, got printed tickets THEN found out we had to go to Red Zone will call for RZ only. See everyone tonight!
  5. Any parking tips for getting in and out of Qualcomm in the least stressful way? Driving down from the OC Friday afternoon and staying with friends in Clairemont, but won't get there until about 5:30 PM. We were thinking Uber to Old Town, then trolley in, but how will that be on the way out? - How long can it take to get in and out of the out circle with normal parking? - How can we get inner circle parking and can we get in quickly around 7:00 PM? - Is it an easy Uber ride in and then take the trolley out? (I saw a lot of Uber zombies waiting around after Rose Bowl and I d
  6. "Dallas, Houston, San Diego and New Orleans" Sounds like your own personal line for Stay! You have one of the 4 cities there. Nice 2017! Here's to a bigger U2 2018!
  7. First, thanks for everyone's help. Yes, I have been on TM app and IE, but no luck. Only one time today did I get through with 2 GA, but couldn't pay and got a call customer service message. I'm guessing it's because of this 4 ticket JT total history. I did try Opera too and at least got a "you reached your max ticket limit" message which I knew was not correct. Is there really anything TM can do?
  8. So I bought 2 GA with my code for Rose Bowl. I then happened to get lucky during pulblic on sale and picked up 2 red zone also for Rose Bowl (did not need any code). Yes, that's 4 tickets total for one show, but only 2 were presale tickets. I should have 2 more presale tickets available, so I can go to San Diego, right? I get TM sees my account as JT tickets = 4, so code is invalid, but that shouldn't be the case or did I miss something? If my error, why can I get to red zone and VIP now? Thanks for any insight and what to do.
  9. I received some great RZ tips for i+e and I want to share my RZ tips from Rose Bowl 1 (beware of spoilers): - For the first songs, just find a spot close to the tree, but no need to fight for position. We stood about 3:00, middle of lower right branch where the crowd thins and you are still only 10-15 people deep. You don’t want to go much higher because the camera boom gets in the way. BUT, as Pride is winding up and you are signing ohh ohh oh oh, start making your way towards the corner where the main stage meets the trunk. Pay attention and get in position close t
  10. RZ also gets to come and go to the bathroom. Oh yeah, and there's a beer cart close by! No RZ is going to pay that money to fight for prime real estate with GA. Too many perks to bother jockeying for an extra 10-feet.
  11. Maybe they have an ADA section on the floor that has seats along the rail? I saw that in one of the other stadium diagrams, right on the floor. I wasn't in GA for Rose Bowl 360, but was the field railed off into sections? I know the RZ back rail (where you came in) for Anaheim 360 had seats as part of the rail and the "back" was the fencing. I needed it every once and a while Maybe you enter GA45 on the Red Zone side?
  12. I don't think anyone has mentioned this, but there's a serious motion sickness potential for anyone who tries to watch your playback...trying to stand still to film U2 in that energy will be completely impossible. Leave it to the professionals like Mek Vox or someone else who hopefully films your show for You Tube, then just look for yourself in the crowd. The 3rd person is a very cool perspective! If they don't tape their camera to the rail, they must have some serious motion control. I was lucky there are great recordings for at least LA1 and LA3 I+E produced in 1080p quality. Thank you
  13. Congrats and see you there! I was also lucky this morning and picked up 2 RZ for Rose Bowl during public on-sale. Couldn't believe it when they popped up right away as that was really the only thing I was there for. Have been in RZ a couple times before and couldn't justify the same money for seats during Red Hill presale so I kept checking back all that day, but nothing. Not sure what happened with TM, but the system allocations must have been messed up. I went through the site on my work computer...newer, running Windows 10 on Explorer if that helps anyone. Thank you IT for keeping it c
  14. I did the same and now regret it too as I found out I could've helped out a couple friends. I saw the TM posting early Monday morning for LA2, Sunday, 5/21, for a short time, so it's slated.I just hope we DO get another chance for a second show and pre-sale as it seems a lot of good fans got screwed.
  15. On Monday morning, TM first listed two Rose Bowl shows for Saturday, 5/20 and Sunday, 5/21. I even read about two shows on one of the local TV News websites. Of course, all evidence was quickly removed. Let's hope that holds true...and that we DO get a chance for another presale. From a marketing standpoint, I don't understand the 4-day dead time between pre-sale and public on-sale. Did any show sell out yet? They should have made the public on-sale for today, Saturday morning. U2 fans can create a pretty good worldwide buzz for tickets, but now no one can buy anything and the moment
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