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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone here has heard of a second show to be held in melbourne? I read in one of the forums here that december 3rd. but i havent seen any information about this thanks
  2. I joined up thursday, i received an email saturday, it mentioned something about "boots", i thought i would be cedar for sure. So I thought i try my luck, i tried red zone and kept giving me errors or it wasnt available at the time, i then tried general admission, just to see if the same thing happened, but it said I could purchase tickets. I have been a member on this site for some time, i remember the chatlog, during i think around elevation time, but this was the first time i was a paid member I was then able to purchase tickets for reserved seating, and got through, thought it be best to buy the tickets when i could, rather than wait til monday, as I wouldnt be near any net.
  3. ohh that looks good wonder if they do the same in melbourne, as its ticketmaster.
  4. Yay!!! So happy this day has come, sadly not a member on this site, so have to wait,,, i be trying to get general admission. This time I wont be going along, now im married with an 11month old, would love to take her but she is a bit young.
  5. Thanks to all My mum in the end decided on 2 songs, Unforgettable, and a Ronan Keating song "this i promise you", i let her listen to MLK and she said it was okay,i just wasnt sure. But the reason i thought of it, because the last few days i spent in hospital with dad, that song was in my head, and i hadnt heard for itfor a while. I miss him so much, and i cant believe his gone, i know his at peace, and no longer in pain, i just hate the fact that his no longer here with me. I took 2 weeks off work, so i could be with him, at the hospital.Which i glad i did, I had put in for voluntary redunancy, so i didnt really care about my jobin the end. I'm expecting my first child in September, and i just wished he could have been there to see his first grandchild. I must sound so selfish, but i thought he would be here forever, he was so strong and a real battler.He had been diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma in about2004. Dad wasnt really into music, he would listen to the horse races!
  6. ok i found it, the Cd was in my car, thats why i couldnt find it!! Does anyone have any other songs they think off would be greatly appriecated
  7. My father passed away this morning, he was 71years, although not a U2 fan, but he knew of Bono was the lead singer, i was thinking of having a U2 song played. I was thinking of MLK, but i cant remember the album it was on? Can anyone help me, or any other songs that would be good, he wasnt really a music fan though. Thanks Belbelchic
  8. ahh cool, so i only missed one then, phew well hopefully the station will replay it again real soon, just have to keep a look out for it then Thanks
  9. Hey all I was watching the letterman show tonight, and i saw U2 play Magnificent, and i have just heard that they will perform a couple of times on the show?? I was wondering how many songs i missed?? I'm in Australia, so we are a bit behind in the show, sometimes the station replays episodes so i will have tokeep an eye on it then (crosses fingers) Thanks Belbelchic77
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