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  1. If new singles are to be issued on digital format I for 1 will not be buying them when there are so many free to download sites online.
  2. There was also a cassette issue of this but may have been a re-issue. Has been heavily bootlegged and passed as genuine much like "melon" which is often seen on offer in CD case format and even 12" format. Nice article by the way.
  3. $50 for a book and subscription? If we actually got anything worth having then fair enuff but the site offers nothing new far as I can see The band do not take part in anything within the site No special offers No goodies No signed items No competitions Just news cut and pasted from other sites on the net (even the song links take us to youtube) Thank you but NO Wake me up when anything worth looking at or listening to happens
  4. While we sit waiting for a new U2 album or a decent single can we expect a live album, DVD, remix album, demo album or ANYTHING? To be honest the days of standing in line waiting to get my hands on the latest album or single have passed when it comes to U2 and I shall be downloading before I spend money on anything from now on.
  5. Just how much longer do we have to wait before you finish and release the forthcoming album? In the time it has taken doing so you could have built several schools, hospitals or tower blocks. If the new material is worth the wait I will be amazed to be honest and I predict it will have 11-12 tracks made up of more cryptic, meaningless waffle that say nothing about anything important. As for the new singles recently issued "Ordinary day" & "Invisible" what on earth??? Little more than lightweight, cheesy pop tunes fit for children Same old guitar riffs...twang twang guitar (yawn) Lazy pitter patter drums with the bass drum pushed into the far distance Bono spouting gibberish Tracks far too short How they can say they are getting back to their punk roots and make pointless music like this is getting beyond a joke now But hey we may be surprised, maybe the new album will be unlike both new singles (hopefully)
  6. How long?

    1. Anjana


      is a piece of string?

    2. pain_18_


      I'm putting my money on 2015 or never...

    3. pain_18_


      Much Longer than the longest long wait Evah !!!!

  7. Oh come on U2 We are talking about an album that will be 60-70 minutes long. You could have built several hospitals, schools or tower blocks in the time used up making album. If ordinary love & Invisible are typical of the tracks on the too long awaited album then it's going to be a massive let down once again and U2 will sell even fewer albums than the last offering. The sound on the last 2 singles are shockingly bad and little more than cheesy lightweight pop tunes.
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