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  1. Max Tsukino wrote: zootrabant wrote: For me Catholic dogmas, evangelical fundamentalist rednecks, TV prayers and churchs that just think in money and theory of evolution are like partners. All deny de existence of God. <brief detour> and denying the existence of God would be bad because... ??? </brief detour> All right Soda. I mistake aboute mr Coyne. Hey friends. I'm not expert in evolution. Give me a chance. I just want to show that even some scientistsquestion the theory of evolution. And about Lynn Margulis and G. A. Kerkut. I'm wrong too? And sorry. I'm not ashmed. And Max I don't sad that it is bad. Would be bad or would be good or would be nothing. Depends of the faith or beliefs or what each believes or theopinion what you have. For me it is nothing cos it will don't go change my way of seeing the life because this. And really I believe that we left the subject of this topic: U2 is Pro-Evolution? Adam I don't know. Edge and Larry probably not. Bono certainly not. Atleast one of them is as stupid as me. I say a monkey can not be my cousin then I am treated like a fool. What fuckin crazy world man!!!!
  2. Kristaps wrote: I wonder if Zootrabant also discards heliocentrism, for example :/ After all, it's nothing but a "theory", a "fact" based on observations and mathematical calculations. Heliocentrism??? That theory of Copernico? If I am not mistaken he was a Christian, not? Fuck!!! A Christian!!!! Yes. I'm discards. I agree with the marscentrism. In any case I am not expert in the subject theory of evolution (macro-evolution), but the little I know today is that it can not be proven. There is no doubt that research on it has brought benefits to us, but as someone doing an excavation to find gold and so find water. I just do not understand why many criticizing the fundamentalists and religious fanatics, if the vast majority of those who defend the pro-evolution act like fundamentalists and religious fanatics. Some people, no so ignorant like me, also disagree or question the Theory of Evolution: Lynn Margulis, professor emeritus of biology at the University of Massachusetts (was married with a guy called Carl Sagan) says that the history, future, will judge neodarwinism a "small sect of the twentieth century, religious faith in the general biology of the Anglo-Saxon." G. A. Kerkut, English biochemist and author of the book The Implications of Evolution, said that "the evidence that supports [the theory of macro-evolution] is not strong enough to allow us to consider it more functional than a hypothesis" Jerry Coyne, Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago says: "We conclude - unexpectedly - that there is little evidence supporting the theory neodarwiniana: its theoretical foundations are weak, and the experimental evidence to support that." So ask me: Why you that agree with that theory of evolution, acting as if you were a bishop of the Catholic church, or an pastor evangelical redneck when have your religion questioned, if somebody disagree with this theory? For me Catholic dogmas, evangelical fundamentalist rednecks, TV prayers and churchs that just think in money and theory of evolution are like partners. All deny de existence of God.
  3. Well fellas in the next year the capital of my country, Brasilia, will celebrate 50 years of foundation. In the official site of the Brasilia city have a newsthat U2 may participate in the event that will commemorate this date, there is even a poll to vote on which international artist would like to play in thiscelebration. http://www.brasilia50anos.com.br/ So here is my request and the vast majority of Brazilian U2 fans: Please do not accept this invitation and do not participate in this event. Guys. Came from Brazil, but came with the 360º TOUR, and not for an event that will celebrate one of the greatest shames and one of the greatest mistakes thatBrazil has. Brasilia is the symbol of corruption and the disgrace that is the policy in Brazil. The money spent for the construction of Brasilia has been achieved throughloans from the IMF and was a major responsibility for start our foreign debt. Brasilia is a city built in the middle of nowhere, of difficult access, which generates enormous costs to transport, travel and logistics. And the event spent on this celebration could be used to increase public safety, sanitation, and aid the large number of people living in poverty in Brasilia.
  4. Soda wrote: zootrabant wrote: Please man. Don't call me ignorant. This is something that I'm not. You are ignorant of the subject we are discussing: evolution. I don't know if you are ignorant IN GENERAL. I can't say, because I don't know you. As I said before, I'm not going to get into a discussion regarding the nature of reality. If you really want to go into the "relativistic-no absolute truth-no real reality, man" rabbit hole be my guest. I see you started going the quantum mechanics route, and I can tell, again, that you don't know what you are talking about. I implore you, read some more. Educate yourself with these concepts. When you study quantum mechanics make sure you do the math. When you study biology make sure look at the data. When you study science make sure you know what the words "hypothesis", "theory", "model", and "law" mean. Good luck in your studies.Ok. I will follow your guest. But inquiry is a good start to learn. When you study quantum mechanics make sure you do the math!!!! Please do not discourage me!!!! (its just a joke) I appreciated our conversation. Now I need to go to the college. Have a good night. Peace.
  5. Hmmm. No so good but better. Now we can start a conversation. So let's go: Nothing is considered ABSOLUTE truth by scientists. Including theorys. Evolution is a fact. Fact is something real. But the evolution is a theory. So if nothing is considered ABSOLUTE truth by scientists and the theory of evolution is one of then, how we can say that the evolution is a fact, is reality?How you can say that I'm questioning the reality that your own arguments (scientifics arguments) say the opposite? A scientific theory never discribes reality. Its discribes a possible reality. Theories were made to be questioned. One day perhaps we will be sure of some theory. See quantum physics for example. It question a lot of things about theNewtonian physics that envolves more than theories. Envolves laws!!!! The quantum physics would be ignorant? I think not. Hmmm. I start to like this conversation. Please man. Don't call me ignorant. This is something that I'm not.
  6. The theory of evolution is not considered as absolute truth neither by the evolucionists, then as you say that my vision is contrary to reality???? My visionis just contrary of your. It means that anyone who has a contrary view of your or that theory is an ignorant???? The best what you can do is "tolerate it or help remove it if someone is genuinely interested in learning"???? Brrrrrrr...... Excuse me Lord!!!!!Don't punish me!!!!! I did not know that I was talking with God..... Well how I'm not God the best what I can do is respect your opinion even if it is contrary to mine. Edit: Had not seen your last post: It means that the theory of evolution says that the monkey is not our grandfather(ancestor) but our cousin ... Sorry but I can't agree with something like this. I can't respect, but I can't agree.
  7. Soda wrote: zootrabant wrote: But in the case of theory of evolution, all this work is to see if our ancestors were apes or not. That's all the theory evolution explains? Wow, you're right... it's really a trivial matter. I wonder why anyone bothers with it? Why are scientists so up in arms about it? Come to think of it. Why are religious fundamentalists so upset about it? It's not like the theory of evolution informs: 1. Farming 2. Medicine 3. Zoology and 4. Anthropology It's not like the theory of evolutions has HELPED us in any tangible way. Or has even helped us to understand the world better. It really should be called "The Ape to Man" theory. It would be less confusing for all of us. Especially for you. Edit to add: My post above is obviously sarcastic. In no time I critically the progress of science or scientific method. I depend of this to make my college project, for example. If you read the beginning of my previous post you will understand that. No doubt science will ever bring some benefits and progress for humanity. Even when for so horrific objectives as the experiments that occurred in the Holocaust, such as for idiots objectives (this is a personal opinion) as the theory of evolution, what I question in the theory of evolution is your central theme and why not to say simple theme that it is trying to prove that man evolved from a monkey. At no time I'm criticizing the progress that I don't know that such advances. So now every time someone ask me about what I think the theory of evolution instead of answer "it is a stupid theory" I will answer "it is a stupid theory but that some progress has brought to humanity" I can not be as aware in sciences as you but I'm sure that at no time lacking in polite or disrespect the views of any of the fellas here in zootopia even if it were completely contrary to mine.
  8. Let me see if I understend what is theory: Theory is the result of hard work, research, tests, simulations that can last years and cost millions, made byscientists who are people with an above average intelligence. And when you get a result it can be defeasibly. Until here I agree. No Problems. But in the caseof theory of evolution, all this work is to see if our ancestors were apes or not. Sorry but seems more a plot of a movie from Ace Ventura. I think that time,money and intelligence should be spent doing something more useful. For me the theory of evolution, is like that guy who wins a legacy of one billion dollars and spent it all trying to prove he is not the heir, or likeCristiano Ronaldo sad for play in the Manchester United and not in the West Bromwich.
  9. kings wrote: zootrabant wrote: Congratulations!!!! I don't have doubts that United is the best team in the world, There's a bit of noise in that Statement. The Reds beat them twice this season, scored more goals, lost less games and have a better goal difference. Man Utd won the title because they have the best squad money can buy. Always have. I look foward to some billionaire buying the club, building a bigger ground and getting the players the coach wants to restore LFC to it's rightful place. I don't believe this is the reason for United be the best team in the world. We have had examples of teams with millionaires list of stars who do not win anything. Real Madrid. In 02/03 the team has Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Figo, Roberto Carlos, etc, but was a deception. Chelsea have a millionary team with great players but the only thing that they win is the "coin". More than money and great players a team just will be a winner if have union between the cast, a good coach, desire to win from the players, a director that does not interfere in technical matters and a perfect tactical scheme. The United have it all. I,m not fan of United. I think that is neutral view cos how I sad I'm São Paulo fan and between the english teams, the more I sympathize is the Gunners.
  10. Yes they are tottaly Pro-Evolution. Mainly Larry. Me too!!! Pro Evolution Soccer! I'm play it every single day. But seriously, evolution is only a scientific "THEORY" which so far not been proven, however, has found evidence that it is just a theory. I do notbelieve that U2 is pro-evolution. I think they used this idea in Wild Honey of a poetic form. The Pop-Apes at the Pop Mart was a joke or a criticism that anenvolved man is the consumer man. If you are not a consumer you are at most a chimpanzee. In Stand Up Comedy, I understand that the part of the music "Godis love and love is evolution's very best day" has nothing to do with Darwinian evolution.
  11. Congratulations!!!! I don't have doubts that United is the best team in the world, and I think that in the next week, the United will win the Champions agains the Barça.I'm waiting for this. So we can watch in december the duel between São Paulo x Manchester United. But first we will need to win the Libertadores. We are inthe 4th finals and we will face another brazilian team: Cruzeiro. PS: São Paulo is the only South American team that does not fear facing European times. Ask to some Liverpool friend of you... or Milan friend... or Barcelonafriend...
  12. For me All That is a homogeneous album. He has a very clear theme and it goes well until Walk On, then he drops. The lyrics are very beautifull meanly Gracebut I thought about the songs they inspired little, except for Kite has music and lyrics perfects. For me All That is a semi-acoustic gospel album. Bomb I think it don't have the same uniformity of All That. It seems a number of good songs without at any time form a central theme. Either way is a greatalbum, better than All That. No Line is a álbum made to please only two types of people: the guys of band and fans. I think after 30 years of career they have this right. It is not analbum made to please the public and critical, as were the last two. It is an album more than 90's than 80's or 00's. In my opinion he is as good asAchtung Baby. I think he is a sort of Van Gogh. It will only be appreciated by the public and critical after a while. Meanwhile we enjoy it.
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