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  1. Saw on FB it started this morning...too bad I work in an OR and can’t make some of the “check in” times 1 and 2 days prior....? looks like show day # for this working girl!
  2. Take the courtesy bus after to Port Authority stop and it’s a short walk from there ??
  3. I heard Angel of Harlem Cafe before show 4p meet up and after show Rattle and Hum west in Times Square...
  4. Lukylsp...PM me your real name and I’ll find u on FB and add you to the group....it was hard to find, (maybe cuz it’s listed as a secret group??) someone had to send me the link
  5. FYI...I hear there’s a meetup there pre show 4p...
  6. Altho, not sure if they are Sirius winners tho as opposed to fan club winners
  7. We are northern Mass...outside of Boston. We joined a FB group of winners and seems lots are flying in so def ppl around the US. We’ll b driving early am and staying in Times Sq Monday nt
  8. My bff was one of the 25 from U2.com she got an email Monday nt that she was randomly chosen....still in complete shock that this is happening!!
  9. which contest did u win, Sirius or u2.com?

  10. lukylsp....Whr are u staying? Near the Apollo? We are looking at places ?
  11. We got final confirmation late today....pinch me...out of my mind...SO excited!!! Will most definitely be one of the most magical U2 events for me (although there’s been many over the past 35 yrs ?❤️ this is sure to be one of the best!) good luck to all diehards hoping to get in that door!! ??
  12. Have you heard anything back yet? My bff got an email too, responded yes but no email back yet!!! Freaking out waiting to hear back!!!
  13. We went in 2015 for I&E at 3Arena....it was awesome. Stayed in Temple Bar last time and we just booked another temple bar hotel...touristy and lots of fun. We'll venture around to some country spots too.
  14. Interested in a GA trade? I have 2-4 Boston GA's and I am looking for 2-4 Dublin GA's.... Thanks
  15. too funny!! yeah, give the B-man a call for me.....we NEED to be in that place!! I will most likely be outside....gently weeping of course....with my BFF/U2gal for 27 yrs!! Where in Boston are you JK?? I am about 35 min North....38 yo mother of 3....this crazy behavior over takes me when they are in town....mypoor family!!!
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