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  1. That's great...too bad you didn't have that car now!!
  2. Thanks for the wishes pain... a funny story...when my son was born in '89 he was quite premature and we were not sure if he would make it...he was in an incubator and every evening the nurses would give him to me in a private room with a rocking chair where I set up a tape player. I would hold him, rocking him in that chair with U2 playing on tape and I would sing to him!... Ironically, he hated hearing U2 until he was about 18 until I told him that story!!...not sure if it was my singing or Bono's singing that threw him off!!...lol
  3. Thanks Janette....yes...way, way back in the day!!lol
  4. Well...Today is the big 50 for me....when I look back, the days have gone by so quickly...seems like yesterday when I was in my 20's, playing hackysak and first hearing U2 on a Sony Walkman(anyone remember those?) under a streetlight at 2 in the morning!!....enjoy all of your days!! ...wishing anyone else a happy birthday today as well!!! ...will post some photos from our Saturday bash later...was nice that the Queen and Pope could make it!!
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