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  1. Grateful was able to get some platinum seats through U2.com after being excluded from presales because we exceeded limit. We a U2 family it's like what kid doesn't get to eat cuz only so much tix can be purchased ? Totally agree, the whole fan presale codes is wonky! Happy to be seeing the guys again in our local San Diego!! Going to be great!! Hope it tops Pasadena ???
  2. Just would like to add it is not consistent with previous presales that new codes were not issued in the same tour when new dates were added. Been attending U2 shows many years to know how the program has worked. The scalpers are the only ones that benefit NOT the fans who gladly pay to see U2 shows, but just want fair access at tickets. Good luck in the general sale doesn't cut it guys!
  3. Hope they have Rise Up on line up for LA. It's so perfect these times we living...
  4. Wow! how awsome!! I have few of those items, but yours is impressive? Do you have that much memorbelia for each album?
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