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  1. Exactly the same here in Denmark. Let's hope so.....
  2. Same status here for almost a week now. Ship to Denmark.
  3. Anyone know when all the tracks will be available for download??
  4. Got my shipping mail last night. shipping to Denmark.
  5. Hi, I see nothing in the U2 Shop of my 2019 gift either....................Hmm
  6. The list with early subscribers to be sent the new gifts (when announced) doesn't work!! Since early november 2014 I've been writing to U2 orderhelp about 10 times with the issue that I got the North side book twice. They answer that I'm on the list etc, and later they'll look into it etc., But now 1 year later I still haven't got the vinyl gift!! I now it was released around august. I have all my mails with their answers,But still no vinyl. It's the same every year, and now my subscription expire within 24 hours, and i'm not gonna renew it because of the bad way they are handling this issue
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