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    NYC Prices...

    Those are behind either stage. Your point being? I've sat behind the stage at multiple U2 shows and it never detracted from the experience
  2. chinacat4xx

    NYC Prices...

    I paid $118 for seats on the 100 level for MSG.
  3. I bought tickets in section 110 yesterday during the experience group pre-sale and there was no comment from TM about the tickets being behind the stage. I know with a standard end stage setup at MSG that section is behind the stage, but I sat there for a Foo Fighters concert a few years ago and they turned out to be great seats. I'm sure the show will be awesome regardless of the view.
  4. It took 90 minutes but I finally got tickets for the 7/18 show at MSG. On multiple occasions I found tickets but lost them due to the time limits and slow response times from the servers. Definitely a terrible job by Ticketmaster, yet again.
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