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  1. Is the Ticketmaster download of SOE working for anyone???  I got notice it's available and then follow the link to be told it's not available.

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    2. kpme


      OMG Witheb -- literally same story with me.  Only after "escalating" with a supervisor I had them rest the codes and now I am the proud owner of a zip file on my *work* computer that has the album on it.  Too much.  I would upload it here for you but it says it's too big.


    3. kpme


      Wysoon.  Sorry. just saw your other message.  I'm a bit of a file dunce.  How do "convert wav to mp3?" 


    4. Wysoon


      Sorry, just saw your message.  I used the link below.  The instructions are pretty straight forward.  Drawback is you can only do one at a time.


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