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  1. Is the Ticketmaster download of SOE working for anyone???  I got notice it's available and then follow the link to be told it's not available.

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    2. kpme


      Sorry to hear that.  Good to know.  I should be entitled to three versions, so I had also signed up for the cd in the mail.  I doubt I will ever see it...  what a joke all of this is.  Good luck!

    3. Wysoon


      Thanks.  Figured it out.  Download has WAV files.  Convert WAV to MP3 and then upload.  Have to edit all the info and add artwork.  A bit of a chore but I'm getting there....

    4. witheb


      Tried to download this morning and got a message that said digital downloads were not available yet but keep trying. A few hours later I tried to download on my iPhone and got a message that said mobile devices were no good and I needed to be on a desktop. Finally followed the link from my desktop computer and was told that the code had already been used. This whole process is a mess!

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