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  1. I sent you a PM. Thanks.
  2. Anyone have one extra GA ticket for the 28th?
  3. I still haven't found what I'm looking for.... 1 GA ticket for Sunday 6/28
  4. I have an extra GA ticket for July 2 that I would trade for one of your Sunday night tickets. Since the TM policy is that the cardholder will have to walk in to the venue, I'm happy to stand in line with you and go in together for both shows.
  5. I have an extra GA for Chicago July 2nd and will trade for a GA for Chicago Sunday, June 28th. For both shows, we'd have to be in line and go in together due to credit card entry.
  6. There's still seats available on Ticketmaster last time I checked.
  7. I would like to buy your extra GA ticket at face value plus TM fees for Sunday night, June 28th in Chicago. I will meet you in the GA line and walk in at the same time with you.
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