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  1. Just another update on this to say there's still new tickets available on AXS. I've just gone in a few minutes ago and successfully bought a GA ticket for London Thurs 29th Oct ...
  2. Okay, so amazing news is I got standing tix for Mon despite it being hours after presale opened, but I'm pretty sure a friend of mine couldn't get them around tea time (for mon) so looks like they're staggering them? A complete guess on my part and could be completely wrong. When I saw Mon was (re?-) available, I tried Sat but it still said gone so I rushed back and took the mon tix without looking for anything else. Maybe they released more because they knew of those of us that had valid codes and were poised at 10am to pounce on the standing tix but them got stymied by the tech hitch. Anyw
  3. So my presale code was not working earlier (despite getting email last night confirming that, as Irish subscriber, I was good to go). Finally working now so heading in to try and get tix hours after every other Irish subscriber had been and gone! A friend of mine was trying earlier (6pm-ish) and said only the 191e tix were left :-( Give me a few mins and I'll tell you what's left ...
  4. . Fair play. Code started working. (couldn't "strike through" post so had to delete) SOLVED
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