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  1. Yeah! I like the look of this ... but four versions of the same song? I get that it's different eras of the band doing the song and that and will buy it but I'd like to see a bit more than just the same song four times ... how about on future RSDs a live EP? Four or five live songs on a 12" would be great. A live album even? I can't imagine we'll get new material but a bit of variety wouldn't be amiss.
  2. It's arrived here in the UK - 9 days after the shipping email. Couple of tracks in and it sounds brilliant. Marvellous!
  3. I'm in the UK and had the email four days ago so expecting it by the end of next week.
  4. The odd song to download would be nice and hardly much effort needed by U2.com. A live track or two every so often isn't too much to ask is it?
  5. Initially there were three downloads (I Will Follow, Out of Control and Electric Co) but these three were quickly removed and changed for a different three (Wild Horses, Angel of Harlem and Red Flag Day). If you were quick and online at the right time, you got the first three and then the next three. Three more were added (Stuck in a Moment, All Because of You and The Electric Co) at a later date so "officially" there are are six downloads out there at present. Not sure why they released the first three and then withdrew them so sharpish. Someone at U2.com pressed the wrong button or something?
  6. Joshua Tree Boy War Unforgettable Fire Achtung Baby I am an 80s kid really.
  7. I managed to get one online from a UK shop and really like it. Love the picture on the b-side, proper kitchen sink drama U2! Passed it up on the day however, as the shop I called in wanted £40 for it on RSD. Paid half that price the next day. I'd like to see A Celebration 40th Anniversary next year. Time that tune saw some love.
  8. Great pics! I remember it well. Rushed home from work to watch it on telly. Had a few beers and got rather excited. Enjoyed it immensely and then went on the internet to see everyone telling me I was wrong and they fluffed it ...
  9. Judging by the last few years, we are probably in for more "40th Anniversary" releases. U2-3 12", 11 O'Clock Tick Tock blue vinyl 12", Boy white vinyl LP and now the Fire picture disc. No I Will Follow, A Day Without me or Another Day though! Next year the 40 year anniversary will be 1982 so I'm guessing A Celebration? maybe New Years Day or Two Hearts a year later? I'm happy to pick up these items up but would prefer new stuff or at least previously unreleased live recordings. A live LP or EP like the fan club "gifts" or the Wide Awake in Europe EP would be good. A double live LP or a mix of live and studio cuts like Wide Awake in America would be ace too. Realistically RSD will not yield totally new albums no matter how much we want it to. It seems to be mainly a case of reissuing anniversary records and back catalogue stuff with some gimmick like coloured vinyl/picture discs. You never know though ...
  10. I've had a good few listens now and all six are great. Wild Horses is amazing and Angel of Harlem sounds like it's been given a new lease of life. Can't wait for the full set now.
  11. I have been checking daily and finally yesterday evening (UK time) the first three tracks were up there for download - I Will Follow, Electric Co and Out of Control - but they disappeared an hour later from the Account page. I checked this morning and, lo and behold, three tracks are up for download again but this time Angel of Harlem, Red Flag Day and Wild Horses are the three. I now have six tracks which is great. Sounding good! I wonder if U2.com mistakenly let loose the first three tracks and changed their mind/realised the mistake or whatever and took them down? Right time right place you got lucky? Whatever, I'm happy with the six tracks and look forward to the full thing.
  12. I would like to see some more frequent stuff for paid up subscribers. maybe every so often just give us a download of a live track(s), unreleased studio track(s) from an old session, a new song even. If that song were to turn up on a studio album a year later and we had the demo or early version it wouldn't be the end of the world. The watch along video streams are always ones we will have bought so how about one that has never been seen? How about being able to download a full concert every so often? Finally, I have been saying this for a while, the U2 at the BBC box set - maybe not a fan club gift - is surely a good idea. It was mentioned above by another poster and yes, I totally agree. The Bowie, Bolan, Siousxie and the Banshees, Blondie and 80s Grind band compilation are all brilliant. The BBC has plenty of U2 stuff and a polished up set with a DVD of Top of the Pops and other appearances would be brilliant Surely two or three discs worth?
  13. Saw the Friday night Manchester show and it was great. Heading off for U2 part 2 at the O2 now! Should be another cracker!
  14. Well, it's arrived - on the 6th December - a good few days late. Lesson learnt. Last time i use this service.
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