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  1. I would like to see some more frequent stuff for paid up subscribers. maybe every so often just give us a download of a live track(s), unreleased studio track(s) from an old session, a new song even. If that song were to turn up on a studio album a year later and we had the demo or early version it wouldn't be the end of the world. The watch along video streams are always ones we will have bought so how about one that has never been seen? How about being able to download a full concert every so often? Finally, I have been saying this for a while, the U2 at the BBC box set - mayb
  2. Saw the Friday night Manchester show and it was great. Heading off for U2 part 2 at the O2 now! Should be another cracker!
  3. Well, it's arrived - on the 6th December - a good few days late. Lesson learnt. Last time i use this service.
  4. How does a parcel sent from in the UK to an address in the UK take any longer than two to three days? I have ordered records many. many times over the years and never, has it taken 12 days! Absolutely shocking, and like many others have said, I'm just gonna go down to the local record shop next time instead of using the paid up member special service we are meant to get here. Not impressed.
  5. Nope - I preordered the Super Deluxe LP set and as of yet (Tuesday 5th) it still hasn't arrived. Could have bought it in the local shop on Friday. Reckon I'll do that next time.
  6. I'm in the UK and ordered the day it came up for order or thereabouts. No sign of it yet and it's the 5th December now. A work colleague bought the LP in a shop on Friday 1st December. Wish I'd done that now. Will do that next time.
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it a gain: isn't it about time we had a U2 at the BBC box set? There are plenty out there ... Banshees, Bowie, TRex, Blondie ... I imagine there are many great U2 bits locked away in the beebs vaults from th every early 80's up to the last album promo tour with U2 on the roof and aand all that carry on! Three CD's, a DVD and a booklet? It would be marvelous.
  8. That's my point. If someone wants to buy one they cost a fortune. Make them available in greater numbers so more people who want one can have one. No need to milk it!
  9. I think they could do with just a standard reissue of the last three LP's for the simple reason that those people who want them on vinyl to listen to them (and not just to "collect" them or sell them on ebay) are looking at between £50 and £100+ if they want to buy them. There is no need for remasters or deluxe packages, just reissue them on LP as they were when they came out.
  10. Slane Castle 2001 - Bad in to Streets. Like nothing else.
  11. Boy is a classic pot punk/new wave/whatever album that largely goes unmentioned in "best albums" discussions but I love it. can't see why it's not rated more.
  12. I have the same problem. I put the code in and got to the download page but when I go any further ie: click on the download bits it goes to a page that has that annoying "Boing" sound and a message that Internet Explorer can't open this page. I emailed the feedback bit and was told to allow pop ups but to no avail ... maybe it will be sorted out soon by the tech bods? It does appear that the bonus stuff is simply "high quality downloads" of the entire content of the uber box though. No bonus tracks by the look of things. The uber box is awesome mind ....
  13. Maybe we should all ask our parents for a loan of £500.
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