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  1. Shhhhhh, night one as well!

  2. GA tix are showing available for night 2 in Chicago as of 1:33 PM Chicago time today 5/15.



  3. Desktop. It was a bit sketchy. After the presale started, the Nashville page accessed by the link in the presale text message did not show tickets, it was the same page as before the presale started. I then checked the Chicago page and it showed tickets. I kept trying Nashville, refreshing the page, I cleared/deleted Ticketmaster cookies, I searched for U2 from the generic Ticketmaster site instead of using the link in the presale text message, etc. I finally got a Nashville page that prompted me for my presale code and from then on it was smooth. I'm not sure what the key was but I'm thinking clearing my cache of all Ticketmaster cookies was probably the key. In the past, if I looked at a lot of tickets but did not buy any of them (to evaluate prices, location, etc.) eventually I would get a message in red saying there was a problem, try again. I found if I cleared/deleted the Ticketmaster cookies, I did not get that message. I think there must be some counter in one of the cookies that once it gets to a certain number, within a certain period of elapsed time, the site must assume the requests are coming from a bot and prohibits more requests.
  4. I got 2 GA in Nashville and had the option of hard copy tickets, which I selected. Others report their GA tickets were CC.
  5. Since this appears to be the same stage setup as the ie tour there may be obstructions. My wife and I were in a similar location in Chicago and there was a big "trunk" of cables dropping down from the ceiling that obstructed most of our view. If that is the case with you, I would recommend taking a picture of the view from your seats then going to the box office to see if you can be moved. It worked for us at Chicago. We went from obstructed behind the stage seats to 8th row on the side close to the stage. Here's my post regarding the Chicago situation. http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/31572-limited-view-seats-advice/ The moral of the story is, if your view is less than ideal, it's worth asking if you can be moved.
  6. My wife and I went to one of the the IE shows at the United Center in 2015. We stayed at the Talbott hotel on East Delaware Place. We've also stayed at the Virgin hotel on North Wabash this last February for a Wilco concert. Both were great. We took a cab from the hotel to a bar/restaurant called The West End at the corner of W. Madison and N. Ada. They have a free shuttle to the United Center (only 4/5 blocks to the west). The shuttle also runs after the show to take you back to the bar. The food was good, the shuttle was convenient and not crowded and after the show we took the shuttle back to the bar, had a couple of drinks and then caught a cab back to the hotel. Easy and stress free.
  7. I had a pair of crappy overhang tickets, row 15 of section 107 for the first night in Chicago via the Red Hill presale. Here's my story: After reading the posts about bad sound and view (although I'm not sure the view will be bad for this set up), I decided to call Ticketmaster Monday night, the night before tickets went on sale to the general public to see if I could exchange my tickets. After about 5 minutes on hold (which was after 5 minutes of answering automated prompts), the first representative I talked to said my tickets could not be exchanged, so I asked if there was someone else I could speak with and my call was escalated. The second person I talked to said they would have to get authorization from the venue to allow an exchange and they would call me back with the results of that request. I said fine. A couple of hours later I got a call. The person said the tickets could be exchanged but this would have to be done after tickets went on sale to the general public the following morning. The next morning I called Ticketmaster, 10 minutes before tickets went on sale to the general public to allow for answering the prompts and waiting on hold. I reached an actual person about 10:05 am, 5 minutes after tickets went on sale. I told her I wanted to exchange my tickets and relayed my experience from the night before. She said I could exchange the tickets and checked what was available. By that time only single seats in the 400 level were available. So I thanked her and said I'd take my chances with talking with someone at Soldier Field and getting moved the night of the concert. Then a day or so later a second night night was added for Chicago. I was on my computer on Wednesday evening, the day the Red Hill Group presale started for the added second show. On a lark I thought I'd check Ticketmaster. I was not eligible for the Red Hill presale for the second show because in addition to the 2 tickets I had for the first Chicago show, I had also bought 2 GA tickets for the Cleveland show so my allotment of tickets for my presale code had been used up. But what the heck, I liked poking around on the site. I found that in addition to the Red Hill presale, there was a Bears Club presale going on. I clicked on it and was prompted for the password. I guessed "TOUCHDOWN" and bingo, I was in. I tried to request 2 Red Zone tickets, no luck. I tried 2 100 level tickets. What came up was similar to the tickets I already had for the night before, under the overhang. I tried 2 200 level tickets and Shazam!!, row 1 of section 234. I had similar seats for the 360 tour and liked the seats. I went ahead and purchased the tickets thinking I'd see if I could get a refund for the first night's crappy seats. Worse case I'd either go to both nights or sell the second night's tickets since they were physical tickets (the first night were credit card entry) and try to get relocated from the crappy seats. So I immediately called Ticketmaster. I explained to the rep that I would like to see if I could get a refund for the first night's crappy seats. I also relayed my story, that I had called earlier in the week as I had been told to do to see if i could get the seats exchanged with no luck. She said she'd have to get authorization for the refund from the venue. I had expected this and told her that was fine. She said she had to fill out a form. I made sure she relayed my entire story, especially that I had tried to get the seats exchanged and that I had bought tickets for the second night. I got an email today from Ticketmaster telling me my refund was approved. So, no crappy seats and front row of the 200 level for night 2! So it pays to at least try to get things settled with Ticketmaster. I was never abusive with anyone I talked to. I explained calmly my situation and my reason for wanting an exchange and eventually a refund. I did ask to have my call escalated when I did not get the response I was seeking. I found everyone I talked to at Ticketmaster helpful and they wanted to be accommodating. I had bad seats at the United Center for the IE tour and went to the box office to see if I could be moved. They moved me from $90 seats behind the stage and a tree truck of cables, to $270 tickets, literally 2 rows in front of George Lucas, 8 rows off the floor, 20 feet back from the front of the stage: http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/31572-limited-view-seats-advice/
  8. I took a guess, got it right the first time. The Bears presale code is TOUCHDOWN.
  9. We had limited view seats, down low (row 5), at the corner of the stage in section 115. We were so low and so close that a good portion of the view of the stage was blocked by the tree trunk of cables that hang at the back corner of the stage. Thanks to the advice of someone in our same predicament who had gone before us and then came back to our section to tell us, we went to the box office and politely complained about the view. I showed the ticket person a photo of our view and asked if there was a chance of being moved. He asked for my existing tickets and disappeared for a minute. He came back with tickets for us in row 8 of section 112. These seats were fantastic. If you have bad seats like we did, it's worth asking if something can be done. The box office is in the northeast corner, I believe it was around section 204. Good luck. Before After
  10. I had the same experience. 45 minutes later after at least 15 attempts to buy and numerous server error messages it finally went through.
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