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  1. So I have 2 extra's GA still, I bought two pairs on two different credit cards, so in theory if you want a pair I would have to give you my credit card and then meet up once I decide to go in and get In back from you. This is funny, because this is exactly what someone did for me at the opener in Vancouver. karma ? Anyway reply to this if you decide to inbox / message me, because I will get notified when you do. Thanks Derek
  2. I have an extra pair GA face value, you will have to take my credit card and be trustworthy to enter, or walk in with me, however; I will not be heading in early as this is my 6th show this tour and to be honest I'm straight up mad that the setlist hasn't changed. That said, I'll be down for this and patriots games, so PM me and reply on here that you have so I get notified and we can work out the details. Love, ME
  3. Could you text me, so we can coordinate. I'll take it and that sounds great !!! Sent you my cell phone I'm a private message. Not sure why sharing my own phone number is against the rules? I would love to hear the theory or reason on this?!
  4. I'm looking for a single GA, I understand it's ticketless, but I don't want to go in too early. If anyone is looking to dump their extra hit me up no numbers please use PM's - mods
  5. I am interested in this, depending on what time you may want to enter? You can PM me or [MOD EDIT: Just PM. Thanks]
  6. Code doesn't work for GA (Wires) not sure why I am wires now? Also - the tickets / Package link isn't even there.. Just let all the fucking scaplers buy them up with the pre paid credit cards... Yeah I'm fucking pissed
  7. Well as luck would have it, I will be in the buffalo / Toronto area for the show. If anyone has a pair and wants to hook a fellow member up, I'll be more than happy to pay a deposit and meet up with you. Made it to Vancouver for the opener, doing Toronto, Boston, and London... Get excited. You can inbox / message me here (mod edit : phone number removed, please use PM system, thx) Derek in Boston
  8. So if you go with the idea of them playing 23-25 songs, should we assume that the following which haven't been rehearsed will make it into the mix? I will follow, bad, city of blinding lights?.... Cant imagine they don't at the minimum become the swap out songs?
  9. I'm flying over for the Saturday show in London.... We can be in pieces together
  10. If they play "A sort of homecoming" you will easily be able to spot me in the crowd on the floor in Vancouver. I will be the 46 year old man trying to hold back tears....unsuccessfully I might add... THAT SONG IS EVERYTHING TO ME
  11. I'm not going to say I'm disappointed, because I know these aren't all guaranteed to be in the setlist, and others may be... However; there are some songs at this point, that I wish they would take out and replace with lesser played songs over the years. How can I not sound like a douchebag saying this? I guess I cant, but for the record, if they cut Pride/Sunday I would absolutely fine with it...
  12. So what are they playing at these rehearsals, I want all the updates... Bwahahahahahah Vegas has them playing Acrobat on this tour at $1million to 1 ... I placed a $5 bet on it.
  13. If anyone sees GA pop up for Vancouver, will you please text me in the states [MOD EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION LIKE PHONE NUMBERS. Use instead the PMs. Thanks] and I will buy you drinks for the night... Of course you need to go get them for us.... please please please let me know if you see them drop... Thanks..Derek in Boston
  14. LDM - I thought I replied to this, but yes I am absolutely interested in this, I also PM'd you... Thank you. Derek in Boston
  15. Laura - I am absolutely interested in the tickets, you can inbox / PM me here, and I will communicate with you that way. I do not mind standing in line at all, it's half the fun in my opinion. This will be my 56th show. I have also traded tickets over the years, and I didn't bother to buy tickets to this show, because I am doing London, Boston and potentially Toronto, but I have always wanted to visit Vancouver and what better reason than a tour opener? Derek in Boston
  16. I PM'd you, respond if you can please. Derek in Boston
  17. Everytime Somebody responds to this thread I get excited, only to get very sad... lol I am still in need of someone being AWESOME and potentially selling me tickets.. Thanks
  18. I understand the rules, but what I am trying to find out is what exactly people who were able to purchase the tickets from ticketbastard, how much were they including fees?
  19. I may be able to help you out, can you PM me?
  20. Could anyone tell me what Lower Level tickets for Vancouver are with Fee's.. Just so I know how much I am getting screwed on the open market. thanks.
  21. I specifically want GA, but at this point I will take just about anything. I have had success prior on here, and last tour in Ireland returned the favor. I am all about Karma so if anyone would be willing to sell me a GA for Vancouver, I will promise to uphold any and all Karma related experiences in U2 life and in General.... I also realize others have posted this same thing, but I feel as if threads go stale. Sorry for the redundancy Love, Me Derek In Boston Arriving Thursday night at 10:30 pm.
  22. Damn it, I don't get into 10:30 p.m. Vancouver time...
  23. So I have been told that there is No UBER or LYFT in your wonderful city of Vancouver... Booooooo... lol that said, are taxi's easy to find at all hours of the night ?
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