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  1. Yes that's what I understood from the mods...and I haven't gotten mine yet either. Last night's didn't come to eXPERIENCE people until close to 11 ET I think, so maybe around the same time tonight for us in iNNOCENCE.
  2. I think it's illegal to do CC entry in NY (that's what others have posted) so they would have to be paper I guess.
  3. For those who have been able to purchase GAs, is there just one listing for GA in the drop-down box? Or are there multiple GA "combos" to choose from?
  4. Have you tried the TM app?? Someone had success with that.
  5. PM this person therionvox above...they got tickets through evenko and may be able to help you.
  6. I have not received my email...could it be because I am in the Innocence group? They did say we'd be getting the info email on the 13th though. Has anyone in the Innocence group gotten their email yet?
  7. 2 tickets per code in the presale however you can use that code for up to 2 different NA shows (that's assuming you only purchase 1 ticket for each show). This is what bigwave said in the podcast.
  8. Supposedly tonight sometime. Access codes (if you win the lottery to receive one) will be sent out 2-4 hrs before pre-sale tomorrow. According to the FAQs "When will I find out if I have access to the Subscriber Presale?Plan to hear from us the evening before the start of the Presale. You’ll receive an email with more details about the Subscriber Presale and how to prep for your purchase.
  9. I guess I am in "Wires" group since I have U2JTB code. On another note, I was getting ready to buy tickets to Coldplay and I was going to purchase (2) $220 tickets for the Miami show. When I got to the purchase page they added $105!!! facility fee on each ticket. Not sure if all facilities are the same (this was Hard Rock Stadium - Miami - but that's just crazy and I hope U2 tickets have different facility fees - but be prepared if you plan to go to the Miami U2 show, there might be HUGE facility fees and you might want to choose a different venue especially if you plan to try to get tickets d
  10. If you are a U2.com member, after you log in to U2.com your code will be listed on the "Tours" page.
  11. Miami 2005 outside the American Airlines Arena. Bono and The Edge in great moods that day. Awesome memory for me.
  12. Miami 2005 outside the American Airlines Arena. Bono and The Edge in great moods that day. Awesome memory for me.
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