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  1. I just phoned this number...I've been told that my pre-sale code is valid for the area that I come from. I live in Derry (Northern Ireland) and as this is classified as the UK, I am not permitted to buy any tickets in today's pre-sale. Apparently (per conversation with U2.com support guy) today's pre-sale is only for people living in the Republic or North of Ireland and as I've been classified as living in the UK, I can't use my pre-sale code until tomorrow. FUBAR'd.
  2. Brian Merron Derry Order #6716071 26th August 2015 Bigwave...my subscription was due to expire on 10th September 2015, but I renewed it on the 26th August. Could my presale code not be working, because it's tied in someway with the 10th September renewal date?
  3. Brian Merron Derry Order #:6716071 All sorted now. Thank you everyone for your help and advice. Greatly appreciated.
  4. My presale code is not working either. Keep getting a "Please check your offer code/password and try again" message on ticketmaster website
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