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  1. Official U2.com re-issues of live recordings through the years released intermittently like Dave Matthews Band's Live Trax Series - https://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/dept/live-trax-series-releases?cp=1_5575_8858 DMB has released over 40 recordings dating back to some early concerts and covering every tour (some multiple times). Some have been CD's, DVD's or both. I think that U2 22 and Edge's picks were great and believe that die-hard fans would consume more consistent releases like those if released as official live recordings even-if they already have a bootleg copy of a sh
  2. Any chance that U2.com would have some spare tickets that they'd offer up to Southern California residents? I know that I'd think that would be a really cool surprise thing a fan website could do for its fans!
  3. I was in Cardiff earlier this year to catch U2 at Millenium Stadium. I remember seeing a t-shirt for sale there with the text - 'Vintage Edge Sound Established 1978' (or something along those lines) - it was blue and had a guitar on it. It was a really cool shirt and I wanted to buy it, but they didn't have my size. I was hoping to see it on the U2.COM sales sight, but have never seen it up there. Does anyone know if this was exclusive to the Wales/Cardiff show or where to get one?
  4. All I Want is You is definitely in my top 3 of best U2 tracks. I also really like 'A Room at the Hearbreak Hotel' - b-side to Angel of Harlem (it wouldhave been a great track to add to the non-live album).
  5. Stand Up Comedy is already on the album. I meant what new songs, live tracks or remixes. I like what U2 did with the 'Rare & Unreleased' tracks w/the alt versions from HTDAB - I'm hoping they do a different mix of Magnificent like they did of 'No Line on the Horizon 2' or an acoustic versionof some of the other tracks on the album. I'm NOT a big fan of the techno remixes - I listen to them once or twice and then file them away. Live stuff isalways good too. Do we know a release date?
  6. Has there been any news of potential b-sides on the single release of Magnificent?
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