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  1. I agree with above. Am reticent about re-subscribing and getting a repeat gift. I to have contacted customer services for advice but time is running out and don't want to loose Red Hill group status. Come on U2.com advise please pronto.
  2. Hi Midland fans, I'm going on Saturday 20th on my own. Got standing ticket so planning on getting a good spot early but hopefully have time to meet. Am also going on friday and going to ask fans what time is good to to get in queue? would be great to meet up with you guys for beers. The Castle pub on Oldham St in the northern quarter is a cracking pub and minutes away from arena. Be great if possible to meet. If not , have an amazing night.
  3. Ge a record player, you know it makes sense.
  4. It seems many other fans are in the same situation, ie waiting...waiting and waiting. Surely it shouldn't take this long to recieved some plastic!!! Have emailed numerous times without a satisfactory response from whoever? How to loose legions of fans loyalty and subscription cash. Do the band know about this? I think not. Disrespectful. Won't be subscribing next time.
  5. Hey U2tapecollector, amazing photo of JT collection. I imagine all items are very rare. How many items are their? What's the prize piece? Do you have other U2 stuff? Sorry to be nosy but you have real dedication! Respect,

    1. U2tapecollector


      Hi, I have no idea how much items i have or how much the prize piece is. I have a lot of other U2 stuff and I was the owner of the now destroyed Homepage www.u2cassettes.com, because I own more than 1300 official U2 cassettes from all over the world. I enjoy collecting Joshua Tree stuff and if someone have an item like a Display or something else, please tell me.


    2. Farmerpotts
  6. I was 17 and saw U2 at Birmingham NEC, only cost me £9 face value! Still got my original JT tour T shirt and will wearing it with pride 30 years later at Twikenham which will make it my 10th U2 gig!! Respect to the many fans I've met who passed that milestone many times over. Gonna be special folks!
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