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  1. Early start of the show! Most other shows started at 20h30. Wonder if Amsterdam is in for an extra treat?
  2. No more normal service!!! Get ready for the unknown, YES!!!
  3. Reaching the halftime of the European tour, U2 is mixing it up! Let’s hope some of tonight’s gems are staying around for the remainder of the tour. What a concert so far, it’s like the tour gets an adrenaline shot tonight!
  4. Hi Nick and others interested in the Red Zone. First of all, you will be happy to hear that I am extremely satisfied with my Red Zone Experience in Cologne. The organization: - Days before the concert I received an email with instructions how to collect the ticket, etc. - The email also contained the cell phone number of Jennifer, the Red Zone Coordinator. She' s very enthusiastic, and to my great surprise she is actually answering to your text messages if you feel the need to ask some additional info (I texted her if I could join the backstage tour ;-), unfortunately that didn't
  5. Good question, I also bought for the first time a red zone ticket. Regarding viewpoint and proximity to the band: as the stage setup is practically the same - judging from pictures and youtube movies - as during the I&E Tour, I would say the best place is probably the GA. I was doing GA in Antwerp in 2015, and entering the arena a few hours before showtime, we were still able to stand at the rail on the center walkway! Seeing the band performing meters away was an impressive experience... I fear that Red Zone will not give us the same close quarters experience... Nevertheless it will
  6. Webcam screenshot from Berlin's Olympiastadion. Wishing everyone a great concert!
  7. Taken on holiday in the Seychelles
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