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  1. I have to be honest and say that it's tough on someone who doesn't live close enough to obtain a GA number days in advance. So far there have been no Southwest dates planned for e+i. I'm a fan that hasn't missed a tour in 35 years and have moved from California to New Mexico. I chose San Jose to see them because it's closest to where I am from. I fly in Monday, simply can't afford to fly in a day or two early to get a number from an unofficial GA line. Clearly anyone who lives within a few hours of the venue will benefit from this fan run line. Not saying it's a bad idea, just bummed because it's not advantageous to many of us who are coming long distances, who are just as big of fans. None the less from what I've read even showing up at 6pm you can get a really good GA floor spot. Just not the coveted rail.
  2. Hi!! Loooong time fan here with a question. The last time I saw U2 in the bay area was in the 80s (gasp...I'm old!! lol). Since then I've lived throughout the states and saw them in many other places.I am flying in and won't arrive until about 11am or noon on may 7th, the day of the concert. I have a GA ticket, and I understand that in the past SAP center gives wristband numbers beginning at 8am. My question is for anyone who saw them at the SAP center May 2015. How early do I need to be there to get a decent number? Was the crowd large as early as 9am? I'm hopeful to get a decent spot by getting in at noon. Given that the set up has the long walkway and second stage area, I am hoping. Any previous experience from anyone to share? Thanks!!
  3. Hi all! Looooong time fan but new to the forum! I'd love to join in! Sending my info in PM now. Sounds fun!
  4. Does anyone know what the line-up policy is at Scottrade Center for GA? I've heard they have done wristbands in the past but depends on the event?
  5. That's funny- I also am near LA and couldn't get LA, San Jose or Las Vegas, but I did get GA in St Louis. Go figure!! Like you, I am going to try the public sale for the Ca venues.
  6. Just wondering if subscribers will be alerted as to when more shows are added? I'd like to know in advance. Anyone know where new shows are announced? I feel pretty confidant that LA will add another one.
  7. I hear you. Same boat. I wanted LA or San Jose. Nothing available in the first 30 seconds, literally.
  8. I am in the iNNOCENCE group, and the code I was given says invalid when entered. Actually it says I have unlocked VIP seats but not iNNOCENCE group. Very disappointed at the fiasco and getting locked out.
  9. Sad, isn't it? Yet if you go to StubHub or SeatGeek (thieves), there are GA tickets, for like $395.00. So much for "keeping scalpers out".
  10. Same boat. Super pissed. Wondering why there wasn't a new batch of GA tickets released for iNNOCENCE group.
  11. Same here. I'm looking for LA or San Jose. No new tickets have been released for iNNOCENCE wave. All GA sold out. Disappointing.
  12. ROBERT wrote: October... because that's the album that pulled me in...I was about 14 years-old and after hearing Gloria I knew these guys were different...for me it was a snow ball...my interest just grew and grew...It's tough to pick a top 5 because there's so much to like on each...Also, a big thank you to Carter for spinning the import copy of Boy on WBCN way back when! I love that album...I was just listening to it yesterday. The song "Tomorrow" chokes me up knowing it was written about Bono's mom passing away when he was young. The album is one of my favorites as well.
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