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  1. So from the last 2 concerts any one with the Student tickets had a problem ?
  2. I also have one Spare GA for London 6, maybe if we coordinate with someone that is looking for 2 we can be more successful ?
  3. well it turns out that I have 1 GA ticket to go with me for the 03 of November , so if anyone is up for it let me know the ticket with charges is 64 and is paperless so who ever gets it has to come in with me ....and I kind of want to be there early like 2 or 3 pm to be in the front so please take that in to consideration , any takers? send me a private message
  4. Got ticket on Monday in one minute it was all done for me it was easy ...and then I noticed that , they booked me a student ticket but I think this is now fix
  5. finger cross as im also an nfl fan andI was not happy with last year little mix and josse stone
  6. the same but is really a generic awnser , no reply by twitter but I will print the reply from ticketmaster and take it with me to dublin
  7. Hi Lzybeth, so you took the refund over the ticket ? I got also an email reply from ticketmaster , and is a copy paste from the same reply to Cassie , so I think we are in the clear
  8. on twitter they have this account @TMIECS if someone want to write them...is a lot of people on that boat , so it was clearly their mistake
  9. same price I just checked , and I did like wildisthewind says when for the top same price and everything . It was when I read the confirmation that I noticed that I got the students tickets , and so far is a few of us I feel more relax now that I see it was their fault
  10. I will send them a twit if they reply I will let you guys know
  11. well if you read the Q and A of ticketmaster ie , is not good news , it say that by getting the tickets we agreed to the terms and conditions ( so no cancellations , refund) , and that you do need a valid student ID with picture ...
  12. I did the same mistake , let me know how it goes
  13. in the last tour I went to Dublin and they stay in the clarence some fans were waiting for them but because I needed to check in the hotel I couldn’t wait , but since I live in London waiting for them outside the Hotel it Shouldn’t be a problem so , does any one knows they hotel they will stay?
  14. Streets is still good live, unlike beautiful day they need to drop than , also one with or without you, misterius ways , maybe later they could do a greatest hits one, but this was the perfect opportunity to play more unusual songs I have tickets for 3 of the 6 in London and im thinking of giving one par away at least
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