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  1. clubs? another forum? Thanks I will try to find it.
  2. My wife is having an ear problem, from STL on. STL was LOUD. anyone need 2 GA's today? I can drive down to deliver.
  3. I don't think I can make it to GA tonight. I have 2 GA's if anyone wants them. hard tickets. thanks, we were there last night
  4. Do we use same codes that got shut out in Round 1? Has that been answered?
  5. ok is it CONFIRMED the code we got for the TOUGH first round of the presale is STILL GOOD for ROUND TWO? Has a mod somewhere or some release confirmed that. I see they are opening the group up again, so now new folks can be creating and account and getting a code. Boo lol. Keep those $50's coming in. Anyway, it does seem 1) if you were verified for last presale you DO NOT have to do that again 2) if you didn't use code now is your chance 3) the door is open again to clean up registration if you didn't get a code Again, seems easy to follow. The big issue is do you get a new code sent to you or same.
  6. I saw someone that had a thread for trading 2 STL GA for 2 NASH GA. Can someone point me to where that is? IF it's here, then looking to trade 2 STL GA for 2 CHI GA.
  7. I think they knew demand would be soft already, they knew it since they saw JT reactions in stadiums. How to drive demand, make it "harder" to get access. In sales it's called urgency. So create urgency, but it's not working. I can't get to any show, but it feels like its not selling.
  8. Nice find. So the same thing, reg for on sale for Mtl. Hopefully they do the same things, but is it me or are these shows NOT selling. I can't look I got shut out along with the Mrs but it seems like that. Old tours the UC would sell out in 15 minutes. poof gone. now, not so much it seems
  9. FIrst general onsale ever I can't try to get tickets. This is a little different lol. BUt it's good to know presale folks, us fans, also could get a shot at the general.
  10. ok so me and my wife and 3 friends, all 5 of us no codes to the general sale. wow. Did ANYONE with a presale code since you are a member here get a code to TRY in the general? Been posting this, but this thread seems to say fan with PRESALE codes DID get a code to try for the general. wow. not one family or friend member with a code. unreal
  11. ok so me and my wife and 3 friends, all 5 of us no codes to the general sale. wow. Did ANYONE with a presale code since you are a member here get a code to TRY in the general?
  12. ok so me and my wife and 3 friends, all 5 of us no codes to the general sale. wow. Did ANYONE with a presale code since you are a member here get a code to TRY in the general?
  13. Good post. I remember camping out for Zoo TV with my sister at World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, suburb if IL since they didn't play SF that tour. Was great slept outside, got good seats. there was no GA then. Now it's all digital and controllable. Can you imagine what it will be like when all money is digital, no cash lol. This is nothing compared to what's coming. But yeah those were the days!
  14. yeah got 2 Chi and 2 STL cheap 41's in the CIti, NOT behind the stage. Never tried to GA, didn't think they would even be possible to get in the Citi. thanks for update. Awesome to know there were GA out there for Citi. Shocked but nice to know.
  15. What show did you get GA for during Citi?
  16. ok just caught up with this good thread. I want to say thanks to the mods. I know there are some horror stories, and I think the A code folks had an issue, but this seems like less issues and there are more B codes. I got my text, and so did my wife. She got STL GA. I got Uniondale. We had GA for NY on her birthday in 2010, the last show of leg in Meadowlands, lol 7-19. Anyway, Bono's back so the leg was canned I think is what happened. Anyway, brother and sister didn't get tickets with their code. I told them to assume they can try again when other shows are released. I hope that is the case. I assume it will. So if you have a code, some big cities will be available and there is still hope. I had the renew too early issue up in the top of thread, but that worked out. I think the Innocence group seemed to go ok. There is not a lot of shows and I think that explains why the GA are ALL gone. My brother in law as an A code he didn't use yet, holding out for a Detroit show, and he was saying more cities were out of GA before B codes, us, started. Anyway, thanks to the mods and u2. I know it's not smooth but today seemed "normal" with one offs. I think the A folks got crushed with the lotto algo used but this seemed ok. Can a mod let the folks who didn't use codes yet know if there is hope with future shows. I am hoping the presales continue this week and then Monday during the public sale they announce more shows and the presale "A" folks start up again Tuesday. Will there be a presale for the added shows? Thanks again u2.com. I miss propaganda and opening that envelope to see what you got (2 shows 2 tix each i recall), but this was ok for me and mrs today. We missed Chicago, add Chicago2 PLEASE like the guy said up thread!.
  17. Nice pic with Rocco there. He is from Chicago area :).
  18. I would assume not buying the ticket but looking at what you could get isn't going to "use" the code. I had asked and didn't see answered, if you don't use code and they add shows can you use the code you get for those. Agree MSG will get another one I would think.
  19. yes amazing to see Bigwave, someone who has replied to me before many times. Cool to put a face and voice to the name. Thanks for all the efforts. OOPS Forgot my question. So if we get something the "tips" text tonight is that mean we can expect the code the next day? When will people with profile issues know they aren't getting a code?
  20. ok so really non answer lol :). Yes I am aware of the process for the last several tours,since the Propaganda days. Interesting that there is no simple answer of here is how it is going to work or here is the change from the past process. I wonder why the ambiguity. is there a secret? Thanks though for the maybe! just seems funny not to offer visibility to the process but more maybe etc. I know it's not you! Thanks again,
  21. anyone have a reply to my post.. Thanks
  22. So i know they had a date and time certain we had to signup etc. I get that. Is the code we get going to be usable for the additional shows they had to the schedule? So if I miss on say Chicago and they add a "Chicago 2", can I try again with my code? Thanks, sorry if this has been answered. I guess the question is, "will added US shows have their own pre-sale, and is this code we get this week usable for said added shows?" if we didn't use it.
  23. Good post thanks, Is it only SMS? Do we get an email as well? If so, WHAT email address so they use?
  24. ok question I have not seen answered. So I know people will have SMS issues. I work in IT in a room in middle of building with no cell signal, we get on the wifi. I think I heard we get an EMAIL as well as SMS with the code? What email does that go to? My TM email or my u2.com email? Does anyone 100% know which one? Mods?
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