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  1. GREAT!!!!! ENDING!!!!! I HOPE WE ARE AS LUCKY AT MET LIFE STADIUM IN JUNE!!!! Bad and I will follow.....All I Want is You, would put it over the top!!!! Pleeeeezzzzzz!!!!!
  2. Same thing just happened this morning.....again!!!!! In Wires group....have been a member since 2009....yes, membership lapsed..husband had a heart attack while we were doing major renovations on a home and had to live with a family member in a very small apartment for almost 2 years, when it was only supposed to be 5 months.....not to mention, thank God he survived!!....so it was not really on my radar...to say the least. Anyway, was not able to get tickets to Met Life in East Rutherford NJ last week in presale. I too wanted Red Zone, I have gotten them before. That's all I was being offered, and I was not paying for seats in the 300 nose-bleed sections of that stadium to watch a screen, been there-done that, and it is not enjoyable...may as well sit in living room watching a DVD. So I went on the ****"sister site of rip-off master" and low and behold there are thousands of tickets....How about a Red Zone ticket for $1,750???? They have 8!!!! Delivered via UPS?????? I went onto the sister site this morning after failing to get tickets again today in Wires pre-sale and there are a smattering of tickets.....REd Zone also......HOWEVER...I'll bet you there will be thousands available there later today...........check it out. So long-story-short, I did not get any tickets through the pre-sale and why are people allowed to buy an immediate membership package and get tickets ON THE SPOT????? Some answers would be appreciated. ****correction...it is the sister site of ebay, but TM is still a major rip-off
  3. What? I can\t believe you're in doubt !! BOOONNOOOO !!!! BONO!!!!! BONO!!!!! BONO!!!!! BONO!!!!! BONO!!!!! BONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! without a doubt..............
  4. Couldn't get any GA tickets to any of the NY MSG shows.....all four nights were gone.
  5. Oh.....and I tried every MSG concert date for GA.....nothing for any of the days
  6. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I used my presale code already because I was afraid I would get shut out completely......now do you mean that GA may become available at some point today??? This has never happened before....what is going on? Got stuck with tickets in 110, Row 17.....and after I purchased frantically I read that they may be behind the stage??? Uggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!
  7. Beyond bummed also. First time too that I could not get GA in a presale.......Kept trying for GA for all four nights, but nothing.....don't get it. Then they gave me section 212 for $312 a ticket???? Why would I pay $312 to sit in the nosebleed section??? Finally took tickets for section 110, which they are saying are behind stage???? Wow, this stinks.
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