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  1. Right now in DC there's nothing available unless you buy the VIP package starting at the low low price of $291 each. Just when you thought they were doing the right thing....sigh
  2. Same here. That's what irritates me the most. I was registered/verified for the Experience group. It wasn't made clear that I would have to get re-verified for the general onsale.
  3. And if I wasn't selected, should I have received an email telling me so?
  4. This is insanity. I passed on the presale tickets since I couldn't get GA and wasn't going to pay $400 each. I thought at that point I was "verified"? But not verified enough for the Monday morning sale I guess. What a clusterf***.
  5. I am experience and had no luck with GA. It's like they were gone instantly.
  6. Assume more GAs will be available with each presale "wave"? Though I guess they'll be even harder to get then...
  7. Yeah, I've never had this happen. No GA tickets in Washington available? Really?
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