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  1. U2 return to Australia in 2019.  What a difference they will notice after 10 years.  

    In his maiden speech to parliament in 2008 The current Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke about the plight of African people confronting war, poverty, famine and corruption.

    "Africa ... is a humanitarian tragedy on an unimaginable scale," he told the House of Representatives.  "It is a true moral crisis that eclipses all others. The African tragedy is driven by war, poverty, disease, famine, corruption, injustice and an evil that is robbing generations of Africans, our fellow human beings, of their future."

    He then quoted Bono.

    "Paul Hewson, better known as Bono, said: 'There is a continent—Africa—being consumed by flames.... when the history books are written, our age will be remembered for ... what we did—or did not do to put the fire out ...'"

    As treasurer Scott Morrison continued to oversee Australia’s foreign aid being reduced to an all time low percentage of Australia’s GDP.  
    This I do not understand. >2100 references to poverty in the Bible - Jesus had a lot to say about that - and yet Australia's Foreign Aid Budget is cut to an all time low percentage of GDP even as our wealth as a nation grew.  We have the highest median wealth in the world.  6-7 Biblical References to Homosexuality - none by Jesus himself - and which is the issue we were forced to have a public debate about by our Liberal Conservative Government in 2016? For a country built on Christian values and now a Prime Minister who publicly asserts Christian values we sometimes have a funny way of showing it to the rest of the world.
    This I do not understand... we now sell and promote military hardware to the Saudi’s for dollars while they blockade Yemen ports and attack civilians... we sell military hardware to those who starve women and children... women who can no longer breast feed their babies due to their own hunger.
    We spend 17 Billion on 72 F-35 stealth fighter planes designed to take out life and barely mention in conversation the longest wars we have ever been a party to... we barely mention the financial and human cost of preserving our own sense of security except when we lose “one of our own.”  Then 50+ Billion on some new submarines.
    We spend years avoiding tackling climate change and our net greenhouse gas emissions have grown in trend for year upon year.  Our contribution to climate change grows and climate change threatens the worlds food security and now are currently looking at a future crop reduction of 10-20% globally which will threaten billions of lives. Especially in those nations who are the least responsible and the poorest. We ignore the requests of our Pacific Neighbours to act.  This I do not understand.
    Surely Jesus said something about showing love for your Neighbours. Where is this Love.  Who are our Neighbours Scott?  Is Australia’s love limited to within its own border.  
    What about those we hold in indefinite custody just outside our borders in a neighboring island nation in order to send a supposed message to people smugglers.  We have imprisoned and admonished the victims instead of the ones the smugglers take advantage of. Our human rights track record is currently a little sketchy.
    ScoMo... as you call yourself... what would Jesus do ???
    Perhaps you can ask Bono in November.
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