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  1. I find it incredible that a ticket partner of U2's can blatantly run their own secondary reselling platform (Getmein is TM btw). All this faffing around over touting....it is so easy, names on tickets, ID on entry. That will cut out the majority of it instantly trust me. It seems to me that bands and their management don't seem to be too bothered. After reading this artcle: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-38131028 it would seem that it may even be in some artists' financial interests to rip off their own fanbase. If I got a whiff of this with U2 or any band I love, my support will
  2. I sat behind the stage upper tier at the O2 on IE tour, gave a great overview of the gig. With the stage setup the same (by the looks) as that tour you'll be pleasantly surprised. It was only first 4 songs you were watching "from behind" as the rest of the show took place on the catwalk / B stage
  3. I'm the same, got a stub for every gig...until O2 on IE Tour, however you should get a souvenir wristband
  4. Are all subscribers allowed into Europe presale for tomorrow or is it going to be staged l like last week?
  5. Glad you got tickets, but what a pain having to sit in front of a computer all day. Just put them all onsale at 10am!?
  6. Agreed. Been to every tour since Elevation. Always secured tickets via the presale. I had no hope of GA today that's a fact. Touts aren't put out having to pay $50 for a presale code on tickets they can make hundreds on. It's so easy to stop touts......name on tickets on entry only and they stay away.
  7. Devastated this won't be happening as I was lucky enough to have a ticket. Led Zeppelin is a wild rumour doing the rounds today. Only something truly awesome like that could make up for it. Dizzee A*sehole and Coldplay aren't fit to breathe the same air as U2 let alone take their slot. Gutted
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