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  1. My problem was that I wasn’t logged in to SportsHub - which you have to do late in the process. Created a new account only to discover I already had one that I’d forgotten about. In the process of finally getting logged in, the website “forgot” my booking - eventually managed to discover an almost-hidden Checkout icon. Phew!
  2. God that was stressful! But got out the other end with four standing tickets - yay!
  3. It's still on sale! Happy to accept best offer.
  4. I've got one GA available for Sunday if interested? PM me
  5. Hi I have a spare standing ticket for tomorrow's London show (Sunday), face value (GBP64 inc fees) or nearest offer. PM me if interested (NB I have intermittent Internet access today) I'll still be attending so will be able to meet you there to enter the venue.
  6. Well I thought that was just amazing - speaking as a rabid fan of both U2 and Muse, I'm not sure what could have been better. Tears were rolling down the cheeks - and that was just on a low-res Youtube recording. Can't wait to see it in HD!
  7. It was incredible on Zoo TV, great on Elevation, not so good on Popmart or Vertigo Replace with: Exit or Please (not necessarily the songs I'd most want to hear, but would fit well in the "intense" part of the set that BtBStends to inhabit)
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