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  1. I heard the Beatles "Love" is awesome. My wife and I are going to the Sunday 9:30 show. Took advantage of an awesome ticket discount of 40% (which isno longer available). Try for Saturday night since you will be @ the Rose Bowl Sunday!
  2. Toddv, We're staying @ NYNY so meeting up with rabid U2 fans Thursday night is a sure thing. I'll follow the Vegas thread to keep up to date. By theway,don't let those other thread-mongers get you down. You are an asset to message board & a cool dude as well.
  3. Q Magazine November 2004 The Edge: "The last time I cried was listening to that song. It was a song Bono started on the last record about my daughterHolly. He's her godfather. The lyric became more universal. About being young and full of doubt about yourself. He probably won'tagree, but I think it has connotations for Bono, looking back to when he was 20." August 25, 2001 U2 Has Luck Of The Irish For Biggest Ireland Gig 8.25.01 - Reuters By Michael Roddy SLANE, Ireland (Reuters) - It was a beautiful day, and night too, as Irish supergroup U2 brought its world tour back home on Sa
  4. I believe when Bono wrote Original of the Species, he had Edge's daughter in mind, but I could be mistaken. I thought I read it in U2 byU2. He generalized it for public consumption. Not sure how that one would fly...check it out though.
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