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  1. I sell my extra 2GA tickets. I paid 112,55€/ticket for Ticketmaster Germany. I ask 105€/ticket + delivery (inside Europe 12€) PM to show interest.
  2. Update I have CAT1 E-ticket as exchange. I bought it today directly from Ticketmaster.fr and it has my name on. Face value was 189€ so I propose comfortable deal to adjust values a bit so that I get what I want and you get cheaper priced ticket than from ticketmaster. Thank you!
  3. Update I still want to buy Paris Fosse/GA. Just one if available. Those other ticket are not valid exchange material anymore. Thanks
  4. AXS Sweden Events supportse@axs.com 0771 31 00 00 Contact Centre Hours: Måndag till fredag 09.00-18.00 Lördag och söndag 10.00-14.00 Helgdagar stängt. Just check what is swedish country code and apply that fro phone number! Weekdays open 9-18, Saturday 10-14. I once sent email, took 3days to get reply. :-/
  5. Hi :-) I have 2 extra GA Ståplats tickets for Stockholm#4 on Monday 21st September. Tickets are hard copies and in my hand (I have personally bought from AXS) and tickets have Entre/entrance 4. Price is face value 680SEK each, payment breakdown for 680SEK is 615SEK ticket + 55SEK AXS service fee + 10SEK AXS post fee. Face value price is now ~72,50€ per ticket with current exchange rate (1€=9,3709SEK). Face to face delivery is possible and in case of posting to anywhere Europe 3-4 days delivery time must be taken account as well posting cost. Location of tickets is now in Finland and 20th+21st at venue. ;-) Thank you! :-)
  6. Hi I would like to buy 1 GA for Sunday 20th concert. It is also possible swap to 21st as I have extra ticket for that day or Berlin#4 GA. Thank you! :-)
  7. Hi I would like to buy Paris 14th November ticket for reasonable price. I have also tickets to swap if interested... posted before swap info of Berlin#4 and Stockholm#4 GA tickets. Thanks :-)
  8. Hi I have 2 GA for Stockholm#4 on Monday 21st September I would like to swap for one or 2 GA to Stockholm#3 on Sunday 20th September I also have 1 GA for Berlin#4 on Tuesday 29th September if you are interested. Thank you!
  9. Hi I have GAs Stockholm#4 on Mon 21SEP or Berlin#4 on Tue 29SEP to swap for Paris#3 on Sat 14NOV. Possible swaps are: 2 Stockholm GA for 2 Paris GA or 1 Stockholm GA for 1 Paris GA or 1 Berlin GA for 1 Paris GA Or if possible I can also buy you Paris GA with reasonable price. If you are interested please send message thank you! Best regards! iaofi
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