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  1. I know this is a "first world problem", but after the madness this morning I don't recall the seeing the way to receive the album after my ticket purchase. does anybody have a quick update for this problem? Good luck to all my U2 brothers and sisters who are in this ticket dilemma.
  2. I remember when tickets were $8.00 for concerts, granted i was making $3.00 an hour. Artists have to make their money somehow. All the "free' music people enjoy now comes with a price. Back in the day, if you liked an artist and they had a new albulm you couldn't wait to buy it. Now we complain if it is a free download on I-Tunes. Basically it is all about supply and demand. If no one bought the $280.00 tickets, the price would drop. simple as that. I look at it as I get to see these guys again playing in the States after three years and like someone posted ealier, with all the sudden deaths t
  3. That's why some people say that Connecticut isn't part of New England
  4. When Edge fell off the stage on opening night of the I+e Tour here in Vancouver it cemented the feeling that U2 were veering closely to The Rolling Stones territory...almost sad to watch in how old they've become, thereby reminding me how old I've become. Thankfully, thanks to their showmanship that feeling went away the second night despite being seated behind the stage in fan club presale-bought seats. They've got one shot this time around. One night to bring me back to 1987. Please don't fek it up, Boys. I don't think Edge falling off the stage was about his age. It seemed to me t
  5. 300 section at Gillette are true nosebleeds too.
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