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  1. This website for U2.com and the fan club within zootopia is absolutely amazing and I see a lot of fan club websites and belong to several. First of all, it isabsolutely beautiful in it's graphic design, intuitive and easy to navigate. well organized, fabulous forum, inspired members who are passionate about U2. There is great karma and vibe from the members who are obviously very excited about the tour. It is typical in other band fan club sites when a new tour isannounced to see the die hard fans get excited, new fans join, some just stop by to check it out so these are very exciting days
  2. Love U2 and wish I could do their European tour. Will have to settle for the US and so happy the band is coming to Florida! Love the new album and cannot wait to see U2 perform in the round. Crossing my fingers to get tickets and within viewing range. I love the fan clubs and hope to meet fans from u2.com community at the shows. Cheers! "I found a place inside a sound I found grace and its all I’ve got And I can breathe" www.officialfanclub.net
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