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  1. order arrived finally! all items are there.
  2. Update for all: if you do get tracking like I did more than likely it ships UPS Innovations first so you need to track on that website first then they hand it off to local USPS once it arrives in your state. Use the same supplied tracking number to check on UPS Mail Innovations (note this is NOT the same as the UPS site for tracking) then you can check USPS for local tracking once it arrives to them. Local USPS makes final delivery. (Whew.)
  3. I ordered the 3 pak symbols face masks and the ALTYCLB ornament. BTW, it is still not shipped yet as per USPS tracking they are still waiting to receive the package which just means they printed a box label but not actually "shipped" it out. Grr....
  4. I finally have tracking info! It is shipping! Wow.
  5. I am still waiting for an update or an email about my order...I have never seen it be this bad.
  6. Still no response or update on my order. Give it more time?
  7. In the same boat here. Ordered on 10/30/2020 and have sent numerous emails through Contact Us with NO response and no updates on my order. BTW my order # is U2T#7551. Hopefully bigwave can provide me some answers or escalate this to the right people for a response. Peace. Mark
  8. A list has already started for Tulsa. It started yesterday at noon apparently by some "superfan" from France. I found out about it on Twitter and have been voicing my opinion about it on Facebook in the Tulsa group ever since. I am flying in from Dallas day of. I work and do not have unlimited time off from work nor do I have the funds to spend almost a week in Tulsa for 1 show. Not to mention they started the list at the venue without even discussing it with venue staff and later were kicked off the premises. Now they are bouncing around from a restaurant across the street to an actual street
  9. For those still looking for a cheap ticket tonite Ticketmaster has the Party Pass for $35.00 Party Pass: U2 Please note These are STANDING ROOM ONLY tickets for either East or West endzones at AT&T Stadium. There will be no chair for this ticket. Guests with party pass tickets who sit in a stadium seat will be ejected from the stadium
  10. Not a problem! Been staying spoiler free for 2 weeks and now back on U2 social media trying to provide whatever info I can! Can't wait for tonite. glad I didn't get GA though. I have 2 friends flying in from Minnesota at 11:30 am and it would be too late to bother with GA. Got the VIP Gold fan package instead. Too bad the organization here is f'd. It was fine in 2009 for the 360 tour.
  11. Mich40, you beat me to the punch. Was just about to post this. Just posted it on Twitter (that image was my scan from the e-mail from AT&T Stadium).
  12. Arrgghh...it is ARLINGTON, not Dallas. I know because I live here. I get it though it is easier to say Dallas. Everyone knows where that is but the stadium is in Arlington where the Dallas Cowboys play. It is right across the street from my local Walmart. See you there tomorrow in Sec. C113 Row 1 with two friends flying in from Minnesota.
  13. I saw them in St. Paul 11/3/87 (first night) from front row with The BoDeans opening. Seeing them tomorrow night in Arlington (10 minutes from my house!) and for the first time since POPMart I have seats for this one. BTW, the photo of Bono was taken on 11/4/87 at the hotel in Minneapolis. He signed the trunk of a car and drew a smiley face and a frown face and wrote "Now you've met the both of me".
  14. Age 46. Been a fan since 1984. This tour will be my 10th time seeing the band. 11/3/87 St. Paul, MN Joshua Tree tour 3/30/92 Minneapolis, MN ZOOTV tour 6/25/97 Madison, WI Popmart tour 10/29/97 Minneapolis, MN Popmart tour 5/1/01 Minneapolis, MN Elevation tour 10/29/05 Dallas, TX Vertigo tour 10/12/09 Arlington, TX 360 tour 5/22/15 & 5/23/15 Phoenix, AZ i & e tour 5/26/17 Arlington, TX Joshua Tree 2017 tour
  15. Info on VIP and Red Zone packages: https://vipnation.com/tours/u2/u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-2017
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