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  1. When are they playing Thailand? I have friends in Thailand.
  2. Lithographs of Bono having luncheons with politicians probably...
  3. Appreciate your conviction. Stay true. I'm going because I don't play politics anymore. I'll just plug my ears if Bono decides to pontificate.
  4. U2 relevant? Not in the least. At the end of the day they're musicians and nothing more. Relevance goes out the window when you start siding with politicians that you cannot vote for. I'll bet you that if U2 lost their funding from this multi album deal they'd be putting out that album stat. They need to be in an uncomfortable financial place again. You hear that guys? You need to remember the music comes first. I know so many more dedicated (and talented) bands that don't make excuses for why an album isn't out or won't be.
  5. It wasn't isolated. It happened at various US venues. Go read the archives Carlos.
  6. They would have to do the desert shows before Texas so it's not going to happen. They're moving east, they're not going to go east then go back west after the east this leg.
  7. For you and 5 other friends/relatives?
  8. I saw Edge land on the camera at Vancouver and lie flat for a bit to catch his senses. I have a photo of that but I've only shown it to 3 other living souls.
  9. Bono nearly got clotheslined by the camera boom running around the ellipse at 360 Pasadena. I was inside the ellipse for 360 Vancouver. Sound was good where we were. Adam's side.
  10. Your friend will still be able to go. They have never failed to release at least a few tickets even on the day of the show. None of the shows are sold out yet. Don't believe the news.
  11. I have a rubbish copy on VHS somewhere. The original broadcast one. Notable for two music videos, 'Spanish Eyes' and 'In God's Country'.
  12. I was at your Houston 360 show. Good show. 'Your Blue Room'. Nice.
  13. 44 I tried for 45 but 360 Minneapolis didn't happen. I still have my GA though. Wait 46, with the last tour. *Stares off into the distance like Gandalf*
  14. I hope they don't put too much thought into the stage design actually. The design is what I most disliked on the last tour. That LED screen overshadowed everything else. It was an major step backward from how it was used on 360. People not facing the fronts of the screen couldn't see crap from their seats. I would have given them all a refund.
  15. Bono has a short memory. I don't mind this time though. 'Red Hill Mining Town'. The reason the last tour did not turn out as advertised was simply that they second guessed themselves at the 11th hour. Deciding they shouldn't have gone into the river when they had already gone 1/2 way across with official statements. It's like walking across a flashlight beam only to have it turn off halfway across the chasm. Where do you go from there. *ahem" As you were.
  16. It asks for your CVV code before it finalizes your order. It's extra security to verify your card is real.
  17. They've only visited Japan so far. They've never said why they don't go anywhere else. You have a year to convince them before the next tour starts. I'd love to see a show in South Korea myself.
  18. I'll be there. 360 at BC Place was a good show (didn't really see a bad 360 show, well maybe Pasadena but still) and my first time in Canada.
  19. It disappears after 35 minutes. They know you're not a Cylon by that time.
  20. No ZooTV stuff on this retrospective.
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