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  1. They've become content control freaks over the years.
  2. Hands down for me, none of the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE shows I saw even touches the North American 360 shows I saw. Opening night and all this past May just did not live up to the feeling I felt first encountering 360 in Arlington going forward. What's sad is these days I look at my U2 collection I spent years finding and thinking I should sell it off and just put it toward the house my Mom will never see.
  3. The way Achtung Babies plays it. TOTALLY agree. My mom died from cancer 2013-06-29. With Or Without You and I Still haven't Found were two of her most favorite U2 songs. 3rd being All I Want Is You. When I heard them at Vancouver I those 2 songs did nothing for me. They actually made me relive the fact she died and I hated that song for that night. I Still Haven't Found also did nothing for me until Edge fell off the stage right in front of me. I asked if he was OK and that was a fitting end that they didn't finish that song on that night that I did not want to hear. I even told my GA pals that if they play WOWY or ISHWILF I'm not going to be okay with it. Anyway. When it comes it comes like rolling waves.
  4. I'm dressing up as Ezio Auditore da Firenze this weekend. Or better known as Assassin's Creed II
  5. I think the trees would be sad to know that they're turned into books just so Bono can rip them apart for the lulz.
  6. Vancouver I south side had bad sound at b-stage. It was all blown out for most of the show. Vancouver II I chose catwalk north side. Sound was infinitely better. PA was not distorted. Sound of the show was clear. Almost as clear as the 360 shows on the outer catwalk or front of main stage.
  7. Even after I talked with Guy Oseary at Vancouver II about the fiasco with both day's GA procedures, they still messed up in San Phoenix and even afterward. As long as I can recall doing GA for a U2 tour (Elevation) there have always been unnecessary fiascos with entry or queing procedures. Common senses does not seem to run in the U2 camp. Belfast and Dublin may not be immune.
  8. For the record.... It's a double 10" vinyl this year. Last year was a paperback.
  9. It'll never happen while U2 are alive. Afterward, probably. My dream really though is, I want an official pristine release of all the Eamon Andrew demos and anything pre-1980 that has not been released (iTunes does not count). I want to see clean pristine releases of the War session demos as well.
  10. You're missing: Hang Up! In Your Hand Concentration Cramp Night Fright Father Is An Elephant Silver Lining Dream Is Over Street Mission Magic Carpet (Judith No Man's Land/Lost On A Silent Planet) Tonight Saturday Night Be There Fool Cartoon World False Prophet Emperor's New Clothes Jack In the Box Trevor We Love You A few others that escape me at the moment.
  11. I only went to 2 shows expecting different results. Other than California (was great), Miracle Drug (great) and Bad (oh hell yeah) varying the two Vancouver shows, the show were static. I mean REALLY static. For an arena show not held down by the constraints of 360's giant LED screen, this is all they could do? Again this new LED screen holds back the full potential of what could/should have been their best tour ever. The song I do not like is this piano only version of 'Every Breaking Wave'. It is so dull, a lot of longtime fans have told me they refer to it as the moment when they can go take a toilet break. That's sad. It should have been full band like on the album because the full band version IS the right version. Contrast this with 360 of which none of the new songs had a dull delivery. Even the Redanka version of 'I Know I'll Go Crazy (If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight)' was not dull.
  12. Don't sweat, Nobody's listening...Nice try, though... Try shipping a record like that as any record seller. See how well your business would go.
  13. This is not U2 at the top of their game. Playing it "safe" is not being at the top.
  14. You guys have the VAT thing over there which is highway robbery.
  15. Seeing U2 on opening definitely did nothing for me. My expectations of a band's live output changed after I saw 7 of 8 JAMES 2012 North American shows. Each was so different from the the other, I could scarcely believe I was witnessing such awesomeness in person. JAMES set a bar that U2 unfortunately this time have not been able to. I hoped for the best since it was an Arena tour this time and the indoor Elevation Tour was incredible. But the screen is the show and not even getting to hear most of the new album live was a real letdown. And the cringe worthy version of a certain song. God... I'll probably get rid of my U2 heritage if the next leg is as scripted and un-dynamic as 2015 was. I want to believe instead of supporting a lie.
  16. No DSLRs this time. 360 was okay because everyone could see the stage and it was hard to keep under wraps. I took my trusty Nikon D5200 to opening night but didn't use it as Vancouver security were intent on watching the crowds. GoPro will present the same problem. It's not allowed.
  17. The method used to ship these things was piss poor. They make standard record mailers for shipping vinyl and this establishment called u2.com can't be arsed to use that. Too cheap. They're lucky my records aren't shattered.
  18. u2.com used a terrible shipping method. A thin, cheap brown cardboard wrapping with a fragile item inside. They didn't even have the decency to use a standard record mailer (like anyone else that ships a vinyl record). WTF, seriously. WTF. You guys at u2.com need to get your act together.
  19. I don't get it, why doesn't all the ticket sales (not just Red Zone) go to charities? Do U2 really need to own another island?
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